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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Langkawi Island Trip - Day 2 Exploring Mangrove at Kilim Geoforest Park

We booked Mangrove half day tour for RM100 and this is the best decision to explore Langkawi. The price inclusive of lunch simple fried rice with chicken and drink.

We woke up in the morning and get ready for our pick up van . We had a good breakfast at our motel cafe. Delicious french toast with maple syrup and Roti Jala with Chicken Curry. Thumbs up for Cactus inn cafe.

The journey to the starting point of our Mangrove tour took around 1 hours by van. We then were grouped together with some tourist from Latvia, Netherland, Johor Bahru, China, Bangladesh and Singapore. There were 20 of us in one boat.

First stop were at fish farm. We were briefed on types of fish and also have chance to pet the fish. There are leopard shark, stingray, barracuda,puffer fish and many more.

 Most of the staff here really professional and knowledgeable. Some even bilingual.This is what I am talking about ...Malaysian or Malaysian! I wish these people go further in tourism industry.

Then off to meet and greet with the monkeys. Our tour guide seems to recognize and know the monkeys here very well. Wohoooo! We learn a lot about monkeys that day. Seriously something that I never expect I could learn from this trip.

There are many eagles here in Langkawi and they are the main icon of this beautiful Island. Anyway, Lang means Helang which is eagles and Kawi mean brown. Many brown eagles here in Langkawi flying around like they are the guardian of this Island. We learn about eagles behavior here. Interesting!

 As the boat ran through the mangrove. We were taught on how to survive in the mangrove and what to eat and how to get fresh water. The tour guide also do not hesitate to answer all our questions.I wish I could join the jungle trekking tour at night but not enough time.

There was few snakes spotted having a lazy day time nap while the boat cruise through the mangrove. That is why tour guide told us not to stick out our hand or head randomly from our boat. It could be a disaster if our hand happens to disturb the snakes. huhuhuhuh...scary to imagine that! Not easy for me to snap those photos without waking up the snakes too.

Then the boat went through interesting crocodile tunnel. But we were told there are no crocodile here because its salty water? Oh! somehow or rather according to our tour guide there was an legend about the crocodile here but they have not seen any.phewwww!!!!

Next was Bat cave stop. Watch out! there are many nasty monkeys here. There were many accident the monkey attacked the visitors here. It was advisable to not bring down any junk food, drink or anything from the boat. Don't even dare wearing any perfumes. This will attracts insects or any other sort of animals.

Here we learn about bats and also crabs.

Our mangrove tour ends with some precious knowledge and experience. If you are visiting to Langkawi, do book yourself to this mangrove tour. Its a half day tour and even your little one could learn from this trip. I saw babies joined this tour too.  

We reached back to our room around 3pm. Rest our mind and body for around 2 hours and off we drove out to Chenang area.

We had the most not delicious dinner at Chenang. Avoid Warung Janggus at Chenang. The seafood may look fresh to you but the cook fail to deliver. Waste of money. I rather trade this with Fillet o Fish at McDonalds. 

I comforted my bad dinner experience with this homemade fried ice cream. Serious this is a must try. Love the it so much!

Before back to our room I bought this pods mars and snickers from the near by chocolate haven. WTH! See told you!!!! I will end up shopping for chocolate every night. This is just like visiting to the land of goodies in the faraway trees fairy tales! 

I have more updates to my Langkawi Trip in my next post. Do subscribe to my blog for updates!

Friday, December 23, 2016

3 Days and 2 Nights in Langkawi - Day 1

Finally , I set foot at Langkawi Island. Yeayyyyy....
It was a short trip which is only for 3 Days and 2 Nights. I would love to re visit here again soon. I took Air Asia flight 7:30am on Saturday morning and come back to Kuala Lumpur on Monday Flight 3:15pm. I will share the summary of my short 3D/2N itinerary soon in other post.

Let me tell you in details on what I did in Langkawi on my first day there. I went the with my 2 other sisters. Yes! this is not my usual solo travel.  My first time travelling with sisters because I need someone to be my Driver and Navigator......since this is my last travelling for the year 2016 so I want to travel with a style. I don't want to think much in this trip. I am a Princess on my own way. Don't throw up please! WTH!

After pick up our rented Perodua Viva which cost us RM100/day, we drove straight to a must visit place Langkawi Cable car and sky bridge.


I purchase the ticket online and redeem it on site. I bought Combo A package for RM42 each which includes SkyDome + Skyrex + 6D Cinemotion. The ticket redemption can take longer time than expected since the ticketing counter girl incompetency. Slow like tortoise. The service industry in our country Malaysia is lacking so much! 

Important notes, please come here early in the morning because the crowd is just like in USS. The queue was super long when I have done my sky bridge. I reached there early but the line are super long too.You imagine if one did it in the afternoon. One can collapse for standing in line too long.We did the 6D Cinemotion first while waiting to board to Sky Dome.

Another important note you still need to pay extra RM15 to take the glide to sky bridge which you need to wait in line for the only one tortoise glide which only can board up to 10 person on one way ride. Damn it! another queuing? RM15? Gosh!!!!! too many visitors and yet you just have one glide operating? I have no choice but to pay and wait in line. Seriously , if me in 2 years back...I would have just walk the trail up and down to reach the sky bridge. at current totally with bad and severe knee...haihhhh...patience! patience! that was all I have been telling and myself.

The cable ride was a pleasant ride accept for the long queue.

The view from the top is fabulous and breathtaking.

I would love to spend more time here but the noisy crowds is starting to build up. So I need to move away. Not so pleasant experience to queue for so long. Hate that!


I was not aware about this place but my sis aka The Driver stopped us here for quick lunch.

Long time never eat this kind of 'laksa'. So , it was like back to memory kind of taste. This cost me RM5 per plate.How it taste? It taste like fish! ahahahaha...what else...mmmm...just fish! I need to ask for more salt and squeeze more lime juice to this. But overall taste...mmmm..not bad after all!

If you don't like this noodles, you can opt for fresh fried koay teow, mee hoon soup and even waffles.They have many types of other food selling here.

You get a good view while you enjoy your laksa too. The stall is just by the road side and overlooking the breathtaking seaview.

We reached our motel for 2 night. Booked one room with double bed. Three of us squeeze in like sardines in a can at night.

We have quick rest and nap. Super tired since our flight was early in the morning!


Then we drove to Haji Ismail building to buy cheap and duty free chocolates. WTH! I was like ...I am not going to buy anything. Chocolate can be bought anywhere. Duhhhhh!!!!! Toink! Toink! the result of being so snobbish to herself.


owhhh!!! you think this is all? well...this is a just a glance of what I bought. There is moreeeeeee...muahahahaha

My small medium size backpack for 3 days travel don't have room for my haul. Gosh!!!!! My sis have a big hearty laugh because I was carrying extra shopping bag into the plane like 'Ajumma'.

Comforting words to myself....all I want for Christmas and New Year is a hearty delicious chocolates and cookies. WTH!

Thank God! I bought all here...other place prices is more expensive than here. Unbeatable price I found in Langkawi. Even The Coco Valley in Chenang put a pricey price tag than here. I was glad to buy this without even hesitating. hahahaha...another guilt cure.


After the crazy chocolate shopping. We drove out to have dinner at Wan Thai Langkawi Restaurant. My last sis aka the driver visited this place before and she said the food was delicious back then. Location not far from Haji Ismail Chocolate place. Since the restaurant open at 6:30pm, we have to wait in the car for a while. Ya man....all of us like super 'kiasu' reached there 5:30pm like one hour earlier. Since the Restaurant location is like at the back of lane of shop row. So there is not many place you hop on to kill time. So we just wait in the car and having a hard time explaining to Mum who called us out of the blue. she knew,, I took her other 2 daughters away without her knowledge. Mother instinct, perhaps!

Seriously, this Thai dinner is super delicious. You need to try this place when you in Langkawi. The Tom Yam soup was superb and fabulous! Value for money.

To tell you the truth we were lucky for our effort to wait one hour earlier. Since there was group reservation they did not accept any more walk in right after ours. Whoaaaaa!!!! so lucky!


There is night market opposite baron hotel. Since we ate a lot for dinner ..we decided to walk along this night market to help it digest. That night market is not worth of shout out. least for me. Nothing special here though. Maybe because all of us too full with our feast just now. If you still hungry you can visit this place because there is plenty of street food here. Almost like the one in Thailand but the smaller scale of Night Market.

I visited another Chocolate shop opposite the night market , though! I check out from there with another big bag of Loaker Waffer. Again!!!!! chocolate hunt does not stop here you know.

Next post will be my awesome speed boat ride at Langkawi. Subscribe to my blog for updates.

By the way just use waze to go to the location mentioned. Its easy to travel nowadays with waze and gps in hand.

Monday, December 5, 2016


I grew up in Taiping for 5 years....chewaaahhh so long in Taiping. Seriously , if people asked me this questions...

Where is the best place to visit in Taiping?
My answer will be....Taiping Lake Garden, Maxwell Hill, Taiping Museum and Taiping Sentral...WTH!

Where is the best place to eat in Taiping?
My answer will be...errrrrrr??? my home? hahahahaha... I only eat at home. WTH! Still wanna ask me just because I am from here.

Last 3 weeks , back to Taiping for a night . I visited my parent who still living there...trying my best to bring my parent around since both were too busy working last time and now when they finally have free time...they are too old to move around. What a pity!

My friends! when you are young and have energy to move around, try to go places or you will end up old age regretting.

Back to my story...things to do in Taiping. Recently discover Kuala Gula Sanctuary which is about 1 hour drive from Taiping. Whoaaaa...we never plan this out. Just an impromptu event because my old mum was out of appetite to eat for days. So we decided to find her favourite food which is 'Kari Sembilang'. My sis google it out and found this place call Kuala Gula which is also famous with its soft shell crabs and curry sembilang.

Off we went for one hour journey to Kuala Gula from our house in Taiping.

The view was awesome in late afternoon.

For five of us, we ordered ,

* One bowl of curry sembilang
* 2 plates of deep fried prawn (dad love ordered 2 plates of this)
* mixed vegetables to balance up the deep fried food..WTH!
* 5 pieces of deep fried soft shell crab

Mum and Dad finished their glad to see all the finger licking plate. My total paid RM69.00 for all. Not expensive.

You can learn how they breed this soft shell crab and even buy this.

The restaurant is a floating restaurant so BEWARE for those seasick.
If you decide to overnight here..they do have some resort overlooking the river or sea? Damn! I am confuse where the hell am I again?

I read for those who love fishing can even fish from the balcony of those chalet. can rent this middle out of no where floating room to fish and sleep. WTH!

Parent so lucky to have such a good daughter with them...haihhh...who will care for me when I am old. After our early dinner, we rent a boat out to the sea. Enjoying the view and fresh sea breeze. I paid RM100 for 5 of us in one boat trip for almost 30 - 40  minutes.

Since Kuala Gula is also a well known bird sanctuary so you can see many migration birds here.

I was told that man on the boat is a cockles farm guardian. He will stay on that boat until the next morning around 6am. Tough life for some people!

We have fun checking out the crab trap but no luck at all. The trap only have this prawn.That prawn pretend dead when we brought that fella out from the trap. WTH! see ? see? so frozen dead, right? It live well after we throw back to the sea. Smart prawn!

Rent a boat out to the sea sightseeing is worth it for us. Love the sea breeze and the amazing view.

We back home with great memories. We don't know whether next year we still can do this with all 5 of us. We never know....

If you in Taiping, make a trip to Kuala Gula for your early dinner and enjoy boating for amazing sea view. Oh! we use waze to go there and in the middle of our journey all connection was down. So we just follow follow the straight road with nice paddy field view until we find JS Muara, Kuala Gula on our left. We reached there around 5:30pm and the crowd slowly to build up. So come early for your soft shell crab because they have limited number available. I read some blog said need to book the crab before hand. I didn't do that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


My friend always asking me how I plan for my trips.
Planning a trip can be a daunting task for some people. Where to begin? How to do it?

Well..its not something burdensome to do. I always treat my travel planning as part of fun activities and enjoying to do. I can learn many things during my planning.

Here are some tips on how or where to start for next travel adventure.

girl relaxing

1. Where to go?

Ask yourself when choosing a destination. You need to consider your personality when you decide. For me I am more cultural, historical and natural sites visit. I don't really favor shopping and city travelling. I prefer country sites. Normally, I avoid the place with visa requirements. Our Malaysian passport is widely accepted. The place that I travel which requires visa is China and Myanmar. Best if you use which routes Air Asia travel and wait for promotion. But since I unable to book my trip one year before so mine normally 1-2 months before trip. Life so unpredictable for me to plan like one year before.

2. When to visit?

If you choose seasonal country, make sure do some research on your most preferable season. As for me I love fall foliage and try to avoid winter, typhoon and heavy rain falls season. don't forget to check out the country public holiday too. The last thing you want is to compete against the local when visiting the attractions. With this you can decide which month to go and plan you leave.


3. How to plan for trip itinerary?

I normally refer to 'Miss Google'. My usual keyword type in 'Miss Google' search is " 10 must visit place in XXXX " You can type your choice destination. You can make use of many websites like Tripadvisor or Lonelyplanet for this. There are many travel blogs out there for you to refer. Sometimes I mix and match travel and tours agency itinerary and find my way to the place I chose.

4. How decide whether to go by travel agency or free and easy on your own?

My style of travelling is to travel on my own free and easy. I only follow travel if the place that I am visiting has difficulties in transportation. I avoid use travel agency or join tour because it always very restricted. I hate the fact they will end up lead you to more shopping trip rather than visit the attractions site. For countries with good transportation system like South Korea, Japan and China, I will look for attractions nearby. Make sure to get the local map with all the attractions list for your to explore. If there is attraction that I want to visit badly but unable to reach on my own, I will look follow day trip by travel agent. 

For place like Vietnam, Siem Reap , Thailand, Indonesia, I will hire car plus driver to visit my choice of places. I just walk around and took public bus when I was in Macau.


5. Book flight and Accommodation

I normally wait for promotion for flight ticket but I am not that person who go for free seat or whatsoever. I don't plan my trip like 1 year before because life is so unpredictable for me to plan way ahead. I normally do like 2 - 3 months before my trip. For accommodation, you have so many choices through Agoda, Booking, Ctrip and Airnb to choose. I normally choose accommodation based on reviews and location need to be walking distance to transportation and some other amenities like eateries and convenient store too.

girl posing with tickets

6. How much cash to bring for your trip?

Well , you have paid for your air ticket, accommodation. If you are following day tours or what so ever please make sure you have paid them or bring cash to pay the remaining balance of your booked tour. For places with good transportation and if you are planning to take subway make sure do some research, normally they have some tourist pass that you can buy ahead before your trip. I normally budgeted RM100 - RM200 a day for food. Well, normally I have so much excess amount from this so I can buy something I like with it too. This depends on which country you visit. Some shopping cash just in case I fall in love for something I can't buy back home. Note that I am travelling alone. If you are planning for many people with you please allocate more cash. Don't forget to bring credit card (make sure call your credit card company that you are travelling) and some USD. Do not rely with just credit card for emergency because some countries is not advisable to use this method of payments.I always cautious when it come for credit card payment at foreign country. I will avoid it as much as possible. So bring some extra cash!

To me when it comes to trip planning...its all about RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! We are bless with the digital world nowadays. Information available with one click. There is no reason for don't know how to do or don't know where to start. For initial starter , just start with googling the country name and read about it.

Hope 6 EASY STEPS , I listed helps you planning for next trip! Good luck!

Ready for a trip? See what to do in Sekinchan today!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Today is our 4th day in Saigon and tomorrow will be flying out to KUL and my sis will be taking flight back to Penang. We decided to go leisure today. Since yesterday we done with City tour and recognize the surrounding around city. So we decided to go on our own.

From hotel we walk to Saigon Square which is another place for you to shop. Again...we both reached there walk round and round and 'OOOOOOOO!!!!' Thats it!
we just don't feel like buying because we have to bargain. This place sell korean style fashion, accessories and bags.To be exact this place suit for young and fashionable people to shop! Totally different from Ben Thanh market which is totally a mixture for both young and old.

 See that coffee seller....that fella look very smart selling coffee from his motorbike. Look clean too!
hahahaha...see I found Kim Tan's shop in Saigon. For those who are not Korean Drama freak like me won't know what am I talking about. Kim Tan is Lee Min Ho character in his drama called The Heir.

Enough of eye shopping...we both now sit down at the nearest cafe near Saigon Square and both have nice Americano and 'cuci mata' again sis are busy taking selfie.WTH!

We sat at cafe and is nice to enjoy morning coffee while  looking at other busy with daily life...hehehehe...serious feeling rich just by doing this.WTH!

These uncles...busy playing local chess.
We then bought the crunchy waffle from this Ajumma on the street on the way out to get taxi to our next destination Diamond Plaza. hehehehe...Diamond Plaza is a shopping complex and totally our style to shop! kekekekeke...even their toilet also Coway Style with electric bidet and feel like wanna sleep clean! WTH!

We both then bought some souvenir for friends and other sisters there!
Well...both is totally shopping center and fixed price type of girl rather than put us at Market with hard bargain style! gosh!!! we just wanna peacefully buy stuff not to fight and argue...duh!

This Diamond plaza just opposite yesterday place the Notre Dame Catheral. We were out from Diamond Plaza with loaded shopping bag on both called not so shopping type...kkekekekeke...yesterday just not the right place!!!
Whoa!!!! that Viet Ajussi! so good!!! Look like modern Tarzan in the City! 

Then we walked to Vincom Centre and nearby there is Parkson.....Oh! my!!!!
Time is short for us today!
kekekeke (evil laugh)

Tired widow shopping...we walk around the nearby place...found the beautiful Opera House! beautiful heh?
Totally French style! Love the stone carving! So classical!

After long is time for lunch and we found this Saigon Halal Restaurant near big Mosque here.
We ordered :
* Garlic Clams
* Fried Soy Noodles
* Lotus seed seafood fried rice
Love our final lunch in Saigon!

Yup! stomach totally time to walk and walk and walk...
My sis was very happy to get her Vietnam Starbuck tumbler! This is for collection... I got mine from Seoul, Korea!

Love our 4th day in Saigon...totally our style of traveling.
Then back hotel around late afternoon.
Rest our sore feet and at night we off to Ben Thanh Market again to get some fridge magnet and key chain for her friend.

We don't feel like having dinner but we spent our night enjoying delicious Ice Cream at Fanny Ice Cream. Serious this place is nice and the ice cream is good. The 'Crownies' is yummy!!! you can't get enough of their ice cream.

The end of my Saigon trip!!!! Bye Bye Vietnam!