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Friday, September 24, 2021

Signs of Vitamin B Deficiency


Most of us are aware of the importance of vitamin C to boost our immune system or even vitamin E to nourish our skin and hair. Many neglected vitamin B which is equally important. 

I personally have had the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency not long ago. Among the obvious symptoms, I get was fatigue and skin rashes. 

Anyway, the symptoms vary depending on which vitamin B you're deficient in. Other symptoms could be mouth ulcer, chapped lip, low mood and always feeling restless, easily irritated, muscle & nerve issues such as numbness, pins and needles sensation, weak muscle. If you have some of these symptoms please consult the doctor or time for a medical check-up. 

Vitamin B indeed has large family members and in general, is referred to as B complex. I was confused at first. Here you go the list of Vitamin B complex for you to take note.

Vitamin B1 πŸ‘‰  helps to converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy

Vitamin B2 πŸ‘‰ assist in releases energy from carbohydrates, fats, proteins and stimulate the growth

Vitamin B3 πŸ‘‰ helps the body in the utilization of energy from food

Vitamin B5 πŸ‘‰ assist to metabolize fats and carbohydrates

Vitamin B6 and B12 πŸ‘‰  important in developing red blood cell formation

Vitamin B7 πŸ‘‰  also known as Biotin, it helps in breaks down carbs, fats and proteins into energy

Vitamin B9 πŸ‘‰ This is commonly known as folate or folic acid. It helps to support adrenal function, help to calm and maintain a healthy nervous system and is the key to the metabolic process.

Most vitamin B is water-soluble. It helps to convert carbs, fats and protein and turn it into energy or glucose. If you are really caring for your liver, skin, hair and eyes health, Vitamin B is a supplement you need to take. Not only that, but Vitamin B is also has a vital role in the nervous system and something needed for brain function.

There are many Vitamin B in the market. The question is which one to buy?

It is best to get one that includes other vitamins such as A, E and D.

Currently, I am taking Bio-Life NAT B FIZZY, Vitamin B complex with Vitamin C, Calcium & Magnesium added. With just one tablet, I have it all for my general health maintenance. 

How and when to take Vitamin B supplements?

Add one effervescent tablet in glass water and let it dissolve.  Take it once a day after breakfast or other meal as recommended by a Certified Pharmacist or Doctor. 

For more details on Bio-Life NAT B FIZZY, please visit Mega BiO-LiFE (

Purchase  BIO-LIFE, Nat B Fizzy 10s X 2 | Watsons Malaysia or walk in to any Watsons nearby you for only RM14.90 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Signs Your Spine is Out Of Alignment

Just like a car out body has misalignment spine condition. Misalignment spine is so uncomfortable, it can lead to serious problems if don't solve it quickly. Trust me! I am writing from my personal experience.
I bet many of us don't realize this and accepting it as part of normal life. We thought it was just part of us and eventually will heal off.

So, What is a Spinal Misalignment?

The spine is our body main core. It must stay strong and stable to support the musculoskeletal part of the bot to keep it straight upright. It protects the central nervous system too. Our body will maintain strong and easy mobility without interruption if we have a strong and perfect alignment spine 

Here are the top signs that your spine is out of alignment :

1. Constantly suffer from headaches, back pain or joint pain

2. Frequently crack your neck, back or other joints of your body 

3. Uneven wear out the heel of your shoes 

4. Stiff neck, back,  hips and other joints. It couldn't turn easily

5.  Often catch the flu. Flu is not necessarily from the virus. You can catch the flu if the misalignment blocked the central nervous systems and effected the immune systems.

6.  Numbness or tingling feeling in your hands or feet.

7.  Always feeling tired and sluggish. Most people feel fatigued but if you still feel the same after getting eight hours of rest each night, then it's not normal.

How to treat misalignment?

One of the best solutions is to get a Chiropractors to examine your spine. They will tell you what treatment suit you. But writing from my personal experience, the cost of the treatment can burn out your wallet in a long term. I end up signing up for 16 packages which cost me a freaking RM8k plus. Every week to visit the Chiro for treatment is daunting and horror for me. I feel like surrender myself to be tortured and listening to the sound of my bone cracking. It's so scary. It does feel better right after and it doesn't last at all. It came back and the pain is still there.

For the long term solution, I chose to straighten up and strengthen my spine using a body posture corrector.

Maintain good posture while you sit, walk and sleep is the most important thing you can do for a long term solution to spine health. But you see, easy to say to sit up and walk with your body up straight but maintaining the position isn't as easy as your talk. I can maintain the posture for less than 2 minutes and eventually start slouching after that. **facepalm**

I spent on a body support brace and a good Posture Supporting Chair. My current freelance job requires me to sit in front of my PC most of the time. I bet some of you are doing that while working from home, right?

How a good Posture Supporting Chair could bring a good benefit to your lumbar and spine health?

It's like sitting in a mould and keep you from slouching and assist you with sitting correctly. Eventually, it reduces back discomfort and relieves the back pain too.

If you are looking for a good posture supporting chair can try out the TIRTIR Posture Supporting chair. I have been using this and so far it suits and helps me.

TIRTIR supporting chair has a good specification that I am looking for :

πŸ‘‰ Lightweight and portable

πŸ‘‰ Correct posture to relieve backaches

πŸ‘‰ The material is breathable and the thick cushion is so comfortable fit

πŸ‘‰Lightweight and portable too. I can even use this on my car seat too for a comfortable long hour drive

πŸ‘‰ Versatile, adaptable to any chair from sofa to the dining seats too.

This is how my TIRTIR Posture Supporting Chair looks like.

Enjoy RM20 OFF if you purchase using my link and key in my voucher code TIRTIR023

Please note this Voucher Code is only valid from 14 September 2021, 00:00 to 13 October 2021, 23:59

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Faber-Castell's Smoothest Gel Pen Review


The younger generation nowadays left handwriting behind after finished school. Most of them prefer typing on the computer, tablet and smartphone. I am a Gen-X who are still practising writing by hand. 

What is the benefits of writing by hand?

Useful for Visual Learners

I am a visual learner, so writing gives me the freedom to draw a simple diagram to help me in remembering facts. 

Boosts learning process 

I found that writing by hand boosts up my learning process too. It helps my memory to recall, what I have learnt. 

Helps to focus

I totally hate the teacher or lecturer who prohibited me from writing notes during the explanation time. Gosh! they don't even know, I need to write to remain focus. 

A Notebook and a good reliable gel pen is a must for me until now. One of my biggest concerns, when it comes to gel pens is its inability to glide smoothly and the constant ink smudges. Sometimes it is even slippery during long hours of writing. This really pisses me off!

If you are talking about my favourite gel pen. One of it is Faber-Castell. 

Recently, Faber-Castell Malaysia launched the Fast Gel Z, a new retractable gel pen that offers an unbeatable smooth writing experience.

Woohoo! I got my hands on the Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z and try it myself. 

What I love about this newly launched Faber-Castells Fast Gel Z Pen?

πŸ–Š Ultimate smoothes in writing performance

πŸ–Š Fast-dry ink with no smudges

πŸ–Š Intense and vibrant inks

πŸ–Š Extra-soft grip for superior comfort when writing 

πŸ–Š Refillable

The latest technologies include the precision new precision tip technology and ultra-smooth ink feature. It glides effortlessly, a vibrant and intense line without skips, smudges and lags. No doubt! Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z Pen gives me a smooth writing experience. 

The Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z Pen comes in two variants - 0.5mm and 0.7mm, both of which are available in black, blue and red ink. The price is also affordable at RM5 a pen while its refills at RM3.50. They are now  available at major stationery stores and hypermarkets nationwide as well as Fabel-Castell's online Buy Stationery Online at Faber-Castell eShop Malaysia – Faber-Castell Malaysia

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Starting To Blog Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

Blogging Guide


How it started?

My journey as a blogger began in the year 2009. This blog started as a place for me to vent and rant about my stressful workload. I hailed all the way from a small town in the northern part of Malaysia. I was all alone in this big city,  to make ends meets with no one to rely on. I feel so lonely struggled to survive in this big city. This blog started with the name 'Single Woman Story' then change to 'Princess Cindyrina. My life changed from loneliness to full of activities outside work. I was invited to events, launching, experience new beauty products and even visit new places with many other friends with the same interest.

Blog Change My Personality and Lifestyle

I am an introvert. I used to focus on my day job without having any hobby in particular. It's all about work and home. No hanging out with friends after work or on the weekend. Trust me! I used to lead a boring life. Through my blog, I received few event invitations which give me the opportunity to mingle and hang out with other blogger friends. I learn many things through that priceless experience. I started to see more colours in my life. I am more daring to talk to a stranger and even challenge myself with a series of solo travelling abroad.

Blog Direction

Starting from an online diary and now become a Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle blog. I write whenever I feel like doing it. The topic depends on my personal interest. If you ask me, what is my preferred topic? I prefer to writes about the personal travel experience, beauty reviews, health tips and online shopping experience. I love to do online shopping in my past time.

Blog Trends

Things won't be stagnant forever. In this world, you need to change according to times and trends, if you wish to stay relevant. As time pass, blogging has been perceived as an old school way of advertising. Most brand has started to shift their ways towards video marketing than writing. Although online writing is still relevant it's better to complement it with video marketing. I started to open my YouTube Channel. It's more about sharing my cooking which focuses on the first time try out the recipe. I am not professional in cooking but cook to survive. I also did some unboxing videos. I learn to shoot and edit the video. One of my favourite websites which I frequent for some guidance to learn some best practices for personalized video content.

Now in the year 2021, most brands and PR approached me with a requirement to post the content in the TikTok account. I have no choice to start one and slowly build in the contents. I am still a newbie in the TikTok world. But have you heard about this saying? Never too old to learn.

In my opinion, whether you like it or not, over the years until now a blog post helps the brand online presence the most. A video may be fun and more interactive than a write-up to create awareness. However, a write up in the blog gives more comprehensive and detailed content about the brands and a permanent online presence for the brand.

Blog Monetization

I never imagine that one day this blog can give me some side income. My blog monthly earning is enough to pay for my broadband and telephone bills. Some people may think can become a full-time blogger and quit the day job. You can do that if you are a hotshot blogger or influencer. As for me, I treated blogging as part of my hobby. I only do this for fun. Getting paid from my blog is a bonus for me. It's not consistent earnings and not enough to cover my living cost at all. I registered myself in a powerful end-to-end influencer marketing platform called intellifluence. Some of the writing jobs came from this website. If you are a brand and would like to engage an influencer for your marketing campaign can get a good quotation from them too. Influencer management can be a big headache if you have lack experience in this area. Let the professional do the job.



Now that I am in the semi-retirement mode due to my back pain. I have more time to write and create online content. I am really glad to start this 12 years ago. At least, I can have more activities and stay busy in my daily life. For those bloggers and influencer wannabe out there. Don't dive into this industry without any clear direction. Well, unless you are more like me who a more focused to be a micro-influencer than a star influencer. You can get more online reading on what to expect and how to be an influencer as a profession. One of the successful influencers is Christina Calph. As she said everyone is an influencer. If you have 10 followers around you. You are a micro-influencer. So don't feel intimidated if you don't have followers in your social media accounts. Just keep on creating the content and maintain an online presence. Well, that's what I am doing right now. I did it as my hobby and passion. I find joy in creating content. I will continue doing this as long as my strengths to do this.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Up and Away Singapore's Favourite Balloon Delivery

It was a painful 2 years for some of us, ever since the pandemic era started. I bet some lose their income, struggle to make end needs, some of us longing to see the loved ones who are stuck on the other side of the border. 

If you are looking for something special for your long-distance BFF, relatives or someone you care about, I have a good recommendation. BALLOONS!

WHAT? Balloons? Isn't this too childish?

Balloons carry a happy vibe. No doubt about this! Balloons is not just for kids or birthday. The balloon vibes impact people of all ages and on any occasion. Every one of us has that childish feeling hidden somewhere. Trust me balloon can work like magic to bring up the mood. Just make sure you select their favourite colour and shape to suit your gifting reason.

Nowadays, there are many types of balloons to choose from. You may spoil with choices and don't know which one to choose a suit to your message and needs.

Here are some tips for balloon delivery gifting, if you are planning to send one. There are many types of balloons to choose from. The most common one :

1. Latex Balloons

Type of Balloon

2. Chrome Balloons

Balloon for gift

3. Foil Balloons

Singapore Balloons Delivery

There many other types such as Confetti, bubble and many more to list here.

Here are some ideas to choose balloons for a perfect occasion.

Balloons for Happy Birthday

You can choose a mix of star foil balloon mixed with chrome and confetti balloon. The star foil balloon is a great centrepiece to your balloon Happy birthday gifting or even for your decor. 

Another option for a balloon for Happy Birthday, you can choose a bubble balloon bouquet.

You can opt for simplistic to choose a gigantic number foil balloon

If you are having a Unicorn concept, this 40 inch Unicorn foil balloon is perfect to match the party.

Balloons for Anniversary

Convey your love with a big love foil balloon as a centrepiece and pair it with 3 chrome balloons to make a romantic bouquet

Or you can choose a classy 18 inch Happy Anniversary balloon and pair it with some latex or chrome balloons to create a huge bouquet.

Balloons for Graduation Day

Show you proud of them with a bubble balloon bouquet. Mix a 24-inch bubble balloon with the mini balloon colour of your choice for example 2 black marble balloons and 3 latex balloon.

Father's Day Gift

Father's day is around the corner. Here are some ideas on what to get for your Dad on meaningful Father's day 2021 to show your appreciation.

Pamper your Dad with some Shiraz Cabernet and Semillon Chardonnay and pair it with one box of Godiva Chocolates and a bubble balloon with customizing message from your heartfelt.

These are all the ideas, you don't need to wait for a special occasion to send wishes to your loved one. Survey shows that sending a gift to someone you care for can boost up their mood and emotional support. 

If you have someone you care about in Singapore and planning to cheer up that precious person, please visit UP & Away Balloon deliver Singapore.

What I love about this Up and Away balloon Singapore delivery website is :

πŸ‘‰ They have customized balloons. Just name it, the team can create and cater to your wild imagination. 

πŸ‘‰ Up & Away is they offer full service which can be arrange customized on special events or occasion.  You can do customisable text on balloons for a more personal touch and they even offer hampers selection too.

πŸ‘‰ Fast and reliable balloon delivery service. They offer the same day and next-day balloon delivery service to every region in Singapore. 

The price offers are reasonable and yet they deliver good quality products for that price.

Here are some tips on how to decorate with balloons :

1st step: Think of the colour scheme 

You can choose whether to use a solid one colour or two-toned or maybe something with the ombre effect. You can even go for the entire rainbow.

2nd step: Decide on the type of balloons

There are many types of the balloon in the market as mentioned in the earlier post. The latex one is the most common. But the downside is if you are planning an outdoor party and with children, this type can pop easily. However, latex balloons are the most versatile and easier to work with.

3rd step:  Plan according to the event location and how many do you need?

If you need more balloons to suit your concept. Latex balloons are the most budget-friendly

4th step: Make a decision between helium or non-helium

Decorate your place with non-helium balloons is fast, economical and super easy too. You can also mix between helium and non-helium which make it look better and more eventful.

Anyway, it will take much of your precious time to plan and decide on all these happy occasions. Why don't you talk to the expert? UP and Away also offers a customised balloon Singapore to cater for your needs perfect for the occasion of your dreams.

Here are some tips to care for your balloon to keep it looking good for as long as possible :

1. Keep it away from direct sunlight warm places.

2. Avoid very low temperatures as this can affect the float time. Best to keep balloons a comfortable room temperatures

3. Keep it away from open windows, doors and breezy spots to avoid any sharp object bursting out of the balloon.

4. Be gentle and careful with your balloon

For more balloon tips, please follow UP and Away, the Balloon expert Singapore Instagram.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Oryn Premium Skincare Hydrabright Review

Vitamin C skin care

It has been a while ever since my last skincare review. MCO, RMCO or whatsoever. I have been staying at home most of the time. Only recently, out from home. Whether I stay at home or outside the home, I never neglect my skincare routine. I always follow a four-step regime daily without failed twice a day. 

My daily 4 steps skincare routine :

1. Cleanser

2. Toner / Serum

3. Eye Gel / Cream

4. Moisturiser

Recently, I got my hands on ORYN Premium Skincare. I heard about this brand before. ORYN skincare is well known for its 5-in-1 Hydrabright Moisturizer. This will be my first time trying it personally.

The main ingredients of ORYN Premium skincare are Vitamin C which is Orange. I bet many of us know that Vitamin C is good for the skin. Especially for those who are looking forward to having bright and radiant skin.

Let's start a daily skincare routine with ORYN together.

1st Step - OYRN Hydrabright Gentle Cleanser

Acne skin cleanser

Imagine start and end your day with refreshing sweet smells of orange. That's how I feel when trying our ORYN Premium skincare. ORYN Hydrabright Gentle Cleanser comes with a mild foam formulation.

Facial Cleanser for Blemish skin

The gel-like liquid is lightweight and you just need a little bit of water to form a foam-like before applying it to your skin.  I am not sure if you are aware of this, a cleanser with a high foam might be harsh and can cause damage to the skin barrier and eventually cause multiple skin problem. So ORYN skincare cleanser is just nice for your skin.

Best Vitamin C Cleanser

Just massage onto the skin in a circular motion before rinsing it with water. One thing I love about this cleanser is it didn't give that tight feeling after a rinse and pat dry. It leaves my skin less oily,  more supple and fresher. I feel positive about this cleanser already! 

ORYN Premium Skincare Hydrabright Gentle Cleanser contains :

* Multi-Action Vitamin C

It helps to improve the appearance of acne-prone skin. It also helps to even and brighten the skin tone.

* Niacinamide

I bet many of us known the goodness of niacinamide when it comes to pores. If you are having enlarged pores this will helps to minimize pores and reduce acne problems too. In another word give more benefit to help on damage skin.

* Hyaluronic acid + Panthenol

Helps to moisturize and prevents your skin from overdrying or breakout.

* Pentavitin + Sweet Almond Oil

Helps to increase skin hydration and strengthens skin barrier function.

A reminder to apply cleanser according to skin type.

If you have a dry and sensitive skin condition, please do not over exfoliates your skin.

For oily skin, just include double cleansing as part of your daily cleansing routine.


Other than this ORYN Premium Skincare Hydrabright Gentle cleanser is suitable for all type of skin.

2nd step - ORYN Premium skincare Hydrabright Clear Gel

dark spot Treatment

For those who have acne, whitehead and blackhead, this clear gel is highly recommended. This is not a serum or essence. ORYN Hydrabright Clear Gel is a treatment gel for the targeted skin area.

Treatment Gel

The texture is a lightweight and non-greasy gel. It easily absorbs into the skin without much works to apply it. It is specifically formulated with a highly stabilized form of Korean Multi-Action Vitamin C that helps to treat acne and blemishes. This clear and lightweight gel maintains a skin-friendly pH level that helps to reduce breakout.

ORYN Premium skincare Hydrabright Clear Gel contains :

* Multi-Action Vitamin C

Helps to remove acne, blackheads and whiteheads. It's also effective in suppressing bacterial activity to reduce acne problems.

* Aloe Vera extract

Helps to soothe and calm irritation and itchiness on sensitive skin.

* Zinc extract 

Helps to control sebum production skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

* Salicylic Acid

Helps to treat acne whiteheads and blackhead at the same time, reduce redness on the skin.

* Niacinamide

It is a type of Vitamin B3 that helps to minimize pores, reduce excess sebum that causes acne and also to even skin tone.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a serum or essence. This is more like a treatment gel. So just drop a small amount of Iryn Hydrabright Clear gel onto fingertip and apply on the targetted area such as pimple, whitehead, blackhead and dark spot. You can apply it at least 3 - 5 time a day for optimum result. Best if you can consult a physician if you are not sure.

3rd step - ORYN Premium Skincare Hydrabright Moisturiser

Best Vitamin C Moisturiser

This becomes my favourite moisturizer now. This is the star from ORYN Premium skincare hydrabright moisturizer with the hydrating formulation. It contains Multi-Action Vitamin C from Korea with natural orange peel. 

It gives a hydra boost with Whitening complex (Glutathione + Arbutin) :

* Hyaluronic Acid

* Niacinamide

* Pentavitin

* Natural plants 

This is a no greasy and lightweight moisturizer. It provides longer hydration and restores moisturiser in your skin. It flattens away the appearance of dry lines and reduces oil secretions for a supple and refreshed skin with a soft after-feel.

Overall, I have a pleasant experience trying out Oryn Premium skincare for a week now. I kind of love this product experience. Not only it have great ingredients but also can see the visible results on my skin.

Very important note: Cleanse your face thoroughly to prevent skin from trapping dirt that can cause clogged pore or acne.

Those who are interested to know more about ORYN Premium skincare can visit their official website and Shopee store to purchase the products.

ORYN premium skincare official website: ORYN Skincare – No. 1 Multi-Action Vitamin C Skincare

ORYN Shopee Store: ORYN Official Store, Online Shop | Shopee Malaysia

For your information, ORYN Premium skincare is using Korean Technology. Those Korean Beauty addicts should have known that Korean beauty technology is famous for the Asian skincare industry.

I was overwhelmed with the quality of this locally manufactured skincare. The quality is as good as a famous foreign brand. 

You can give ORYN skincare a try if you are having acne, blemishes, dark spot skin, This is not like any other Vitamin C which gives rashes or itchiness like I ever used before. I don't have any reaction after applying this to the skin. My skin becomes brighter and stay hydrated.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Thank You For your Annoying Preaches


Papa Don't Preach

I am no Nostradamus or whatsoever. I just find myself living life with future worries. Even during my working days, the way I acted in project planning and execution was more on details to ensure everything is taken care of. I always in the mind of, 'what if', 'maybe this will happen. So always have a backup plan to ensure I have the fallback and the solution to the problem from moving on. In short, it's more on risk management kind of things. 

I won't say, I am on the 'hiatus' mode from the working world because deep inside, I was dying to make a comeback to the working world. I went for 3 interviews after I was laid off. The interviewer put me off. I would say most of the interviewer nowadays kind of looking for the book smart who are good in papers and book jargon. The question on the certain case studies during the interview was more on the theoretical solution than practical. As a person who started working life from the bottom and only obtain a paper in the mid-age of working life, to be honest, the HR or interviewer need to think and analyse the situation given in the real life. Not sure whether anyone understands what I am trying to say here.

Look around and observe the young generation nowadays. They have been growing up in the 'spoon-fed' environment and it's very challenging for them to survive in the real working environment. The working world isn't as beautiful as what your non-working experience lecturer or a lack of field experience government paint to you. No matter what process you have learned in University or College, that was just a foundation or basic things. You must learn to apply and tweak according to the situation. Things won't turn exactly as you imagine no matter how diligent you follow the process. 

Giving the economic situation right now, it will be harder to get a job for someone experienced like me. Most ads kind of look like the company is squeezing the employee dry like a 'dried squid'. People may assume I am choosy. Just put in the more soft word. I am more selective about applying for a job. 

Looking back to my situation right now. It turns out exactly as what I imagined when was in the 30s. I remember being jobless for a while at that time too. Life is hard at that time. I made my own resolution to save hard when I get a job. I did and don't stop working. Every bonus and increment went all the way to my investment accounts. My lifestyle didn't change much except for frequent travel. When others busy owning a smartphone. I only use it around 3 years after the trend started. I bought the China phone though. It's cheap though and at the price that I want to pay. hahaha

I am living this kind of lifestyle, knowing the facts I am one person who always has difficulty in finding a job if I lost one. I don't want to live a suffering life worry about not having a monthly salary. I know how hard it is if it happens to me. 

When I was in my mid-30s, one of the ex-boss asked me during his morning lecture. Can you survive without a monthly salary, if you lost the job next month? If the answer is YES. How long can you live? If your answer is NO, how are you going to continue living? Then he continued. He made his first million at the age of 24 and manage to climb to the CEO position at that very young age. At that point of listening to his lecture, I was disgusted by his boasting. Being a pessimist myself, I really hate his talk at that time. Yeah!!! it sounded like salespeople talk to me. He was 40 plus at that time. I was in the mid-30s. I felt like a super loser when listening to him. Gosh! I am just an Accounts person, for goodness sake. I can earn as much as my employer gave me. I work harder also won't give me more paycheck, what!!!!! The salesperson is different the more they work the more commission they make. They are the profit-making tools in the company. While my department is always considered as a cost centre in any company I work with. The only I can do was squeeze and save hard with whatever I made and always consider job-hopping for more salary increment. I don't live life by the monthly salary. I change my life by living life with my own capability. Meaning if my monthly salary is late into my account, I still can live as usual. That's part of an achievement for me.

No matter how I perceive when listened to my ex-boss preach, at that time. Deep down in my heart, it does register and planted in my mind. I must save with consideration can live and survive without work. YES! I did it now. As I predicted at the age of late 40s lost my job and forced to stay home. 

I am very much thankful to my ex-boss for preaches throughout 3 years plus working under his wings. Your preaches annoyed me so much because reality is hard to accept. I was glad to lend my ears and learned it by hard.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tips To Choose A Curtain Rod For House

Choose Curtain Rod

If you read my previous post, you might aware that I am preparing myself to move into a new place. Like I wrote in an earlier post, it's not as simple as what people may things. All details need to be taken care of. I don't have the cash to pay for an Interior Designer to do that for me. So, I am trying to do this on my own. I visited the curtain shop before and they quoted me a freaking RM6,000 for the whole house. The cheapest is RM3,000. That's insane! They said that's the cheapest. WTH!

I have settled the kitchen window with zebra blinds, which I bought at an online store and it cost me only RM45. I will find my courage to learn to use the wall drill equipment soon. (psst! no confidence in this since I have bad motor skills. It may end up a disaster. isk isk isk) For starting, I will hire an installer for the whole house fittings.

Most of the places, I move in was fully equipped with a curtain or the most basic the curtain rod was already installed. This new place that I am moving to has none. I have to install it on my own. Basically, this place is a blank canvas. 

The fixture selection is almost done except for the curtain rod. Then the installer can do the job for me. I have a hard time choosing a suitable curtain rod. You may say, just visit IKEA and your problem solved! Well, you need to have some basic knowledge too before visiting IKEA or you may end up wasting your whole day and back with nothing. Do you know the IKEA queue is super long every day?  I am one person who has to be in the crowd and don't even mentioned asking me to queue. Not even on my list! I would rather buy online and get it to deliver to my doorstep.

Metal Curtain Rod

How to Choose a Curtain Rod?

1. Rod Size

We are not talking about the measurement of your window or sliding door. This is more on the diameter of the curtain rod.  If you follow book tips, it is advisable to choose at least 1 inch (2.5cm)  in diameter. I agreed with this since the thin rod may look cheap and will bend down the rod in the middle once you install the curtain due to overbearing weight drapes. I made a concluding the rod need to be as sturdy as possible.

2. Measurement

Make sure to add at least 3 - 6 inches beyond the frame of the window or sliding door, to make sure your window or sliding door look larger and allow additional light to stream in. The curtain will rest against the wall rather than blocking the light when open. Best to get the adjustable rod. 

3. Rod with brackets

Find a rod with support brackets and install it in a location where it will not interfere with hanging opening or closing the curtains.

4. Rod colour

I would say this is more of a personal choice. Sone prefers woody type some will go for metal. I chose mine with all white. I am more into 'fengshui'. I am planning to create a 'zen' and peaceful mind environment. (Not sure whether this will happen with my no skill and interior sense). I avoid dark colour in my new place.

5.  Type of curtain

Before installing the rod, you need to have in mind the type of curtain to hang on the rod. There are few types of curtain hanger style. If you want the 2 pieces curtain then the best option is double layer rod. So you can have a day curtain and blackout curtain in a separate rail. The double-layer rod cost more expensive than the single one. You can also install the single rod and opt to have double layer curtain. I notice some seller sell the double layer attached curtain. 

curtain Hanger

Curtain style :

Style 1 - Rod pocket 

Style 2 - Grommet Top

Style 3 - Hooks Tape Top

Style 4 - Multi functional back tab design

If you are wondering how to buy the curtain online. For example, the measurement is 200cm (width) x 220cm (height), just buy 2 pieces of those and hang it on the rod. It will have a nice flowy style.

I spent a total of less than RM400 on the curtain rod and one blind. Moreover, the rod came with all the complete set including the bracket and it just waiting to be installed. Currently, headache to choose the curtain pattern suit the interior. I also need to think about the curtain material too. I don't think the whole curtain project will cost me RM6k as quoted. It will be less than RM1k including the curtain buckle and even the installer fees. 

Update: I failed in my own mission. I end up spending RM1500 in total for my whole house curtain and blinds. isk isk isk

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Accidental Retiree

I have not been writing for quite a while now. When it comes to writing without inspiration...It won't work for me! Its been a year now without a job. I have been surviving with my savings solely until now. I was considered lucky since I have enough funds for this kind of situation. I started working at the very young age of 19 years old. Work hard and save diligently since young really helps me.

Since young time, I was working from one job to another job. I consider myself a job hopper at a young age. To me, more salary is an important factor for my surviving in this big city alone without any support from anyone. Hailed from a small town. I started my life here by renting and sharing a room with others. Remember sleeping on a thin mattress which my roommate gave me since I only move in with my one small bag. No other belongings since I don't really have anything with me. Minibus and walking was my daily transportation in those days.

There was time, where I survive with only one instant noodles for a day and not much food to eat too. I don't earn much but my priority is my rents, savings and also 40 per cent of my salary goes to my parent to help them since I still have 2  sisters who are still studying.

I don't even remember what other things I did on my 20s except for working and struggling to make end needs. I consider myself quite stable when in my late 30s. Studying part-time in the evening and working during the day time. No such thing as social life for me. it's all about work and study. That is why I end up with no circle of close friends around me. I decided to reward myself with some travel when I was in the late 30s. The happiest treat ever and looking forward to it every year.

Now that in my late 40s, my last employer decided to make my position redundant since the market, I was looking after was relatively shrunk. Here I end up with a life with no job. I was glad that, I don't fall that hard. Being alone with no job is not that bad after all.  I have given up on my job search by now.  Age is my biggest flop for the position I am looking for. I don't even want to waste my time. Starting a business is not even an option since my entrepreneurial skill super bad. Can't afford to expose me to any risk right now. As for now, I just treat myself as a young retiree. Enjoy my daily life and try to experience new things which I don't get to enjoy when I was busy working.

How I can afford to live as a retiree at this young age? I just listed this at random order.

1. Buy Insurance  - I started my first life and medical insurance when I was in my early 20s. I never failed to pay the instalment to date. Medical insurance is especially important. Get the most basic according to your budget. do not over commit. Even if your company provide insurance, please get one and pay on your own. At least this is your back up if you suddenly no longer working.

2. Save at least 30% of your salary in the unit trust fund - Make sure to save it in the trusted and reputable unit trust that can give you yearly dividends. I wish can go into share market but I can't. I will end up insomnia or panic attack. I am a very conservative type to invest in such a volatile market.

3. Emergency funds - I remember my ex-boss used to give me a lecture about how important it is to save up at least 1 or 2 years worth of salary just in case end up in a jobless situation. I used to think, he was bragging a lot when I listened to him. I am being me. I diligently put aside some cash with thoughts of losing a job and not able to find a job for a long time. His bragging started to make sense when I reached mid 30 years old. 

4. Don't buy a fancy car - To me, the car is just a transportation and convenient. I rather buy a small and less maintenance car. No such thing as showing off sort of purchase. Buy a car when you can commit to instalment and maintenance cost.

5. Buy a small and affordable house - House is just a shelter for you. Don't need a bigger or fancy house. Just a place for you to come back to rest and have ownership to it. Don't bother if your colleague or friends tease you of living at the outskirts or whatever. At the end of the day is your own money and life. They won't top up your shortage, anyway!\Only buy when you feel, can afford the instalment plan and maintenance fees.

6. Pay your parent - I committed myself to pay my parent without failed when I started working. At least 40 per cent of my salary goes to them until I lost my job recently.  I stop giving them an allowance. My 2 sisters turn to support both of them.

7. Control your expenses - I don't go for a branded item. I only start using a smartphone when I was in the late 30s. I don't go for Starbucks or the coffee bean until I was the late 30s. Channel, Gucci, Sephora or what so ever brand such thing! I don't use SK11 or Clarins like other women. I don't even dream for those brand. To me, all those branded items are beyond my reach.

Many things to list down. To me, how I live right now was my personal sacrifice and hard work ever since I started being independent of my parent. They were also struggling to make end needs. I need to help them as soon as I have the capability. 

I only travel extensively when I was in the late 30s due to work and also some travel funds that I have been savings. I don't travel abroad to show off on social media. I travel for my own personal treats of my hard work. If I don't have an extra fund to travel, I just stay home. As simple as that. Your money your own responsibility.

Everything, I own now is the basic needs for a moderate and comfortable life. As long as I am not greedy and have a more materialistic desire in life, everything will be just nice for me even if God still doesn't call me 20 or 30 years later.

I fill my time trying out something I always want to try like doing some online studies (as long as it free), fermenting my own Kombucha, Kefir water, baking some bread, painting, reading and watching my favourite dramas. 

I hardly step out from home unless invited to any event but no such thing with this situation, I only drive out if there are some orders for my small (for fun) shopee to be fulfilled. The earning from that small business is more for my retail therapy funds. My savings are not for shopping. isk isk isk..that is why I wish to start working again.

I end up in hiatus situation by force. I am still trying to accept my destiny in life. For now, I will continue living my life positively. I continue to pray for a good new year start in the year 2021. I really feel sad about my talent to be wasted at this age. I only see myself to retire at the age of 56 years old. I still want to continue working.

You may be thinking that I can do all this because I am not married. I am single and responsible to myself with no backup or someone to rely on.  Ladies! married life is a choice you made for your life. At least you have children and husband to rely on. I don't have anyone. That's the sacrifice and choice I made to live my life. You should marry someone who able to pay you if money is your issue. If your husband unable to pay you, means your man are not even ready to marry and start a family. Don't live your life as a slave to your family. If you are struggling while being married means you need to think back on whether you made the right choice. Did you marry the right person? This sounds harsh but this is the reality! We only have only one chance to live this life. So live life for your self too. Not for others. You deserve to live your life happily. You deserve to live your life a YOU. Not as a WIFE. Not as a MOTHER to someone.

No hard feeling here. Those married people always think single people have no commitment and are living a blast life. You shouldn't think that way. We, single people, have commitment and responsibility. Worst is ....single people have no backup and someone to fall back if there is anything happen to them. Don't judge each other. All of us are responsible to live with our own choice of life. If you think your way is wrong, rectify it.

Monday, September 28, 2020

How To Choose A Home Water Filter

If you are an Asian like me, it's common hearing mum or elders nag to drink more water all the time. Well, nothing annoying about this. In fact, this is a good reminder since drinking water at least 8 glasses a day good for your body and immune system. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

I am not sure about other country but especially in Asia, we don't blatantly drink water from our pipe in the sink. We either require to boil water or get a good water filter. At least water filters remove contaminants. There are many types of water filter in the market. Some even offer hot and ice cold water features. It can be difficult to choose the best water filter. Here I list down some of the basic checklists to help you to make a good decision on which water filter suit your needs.

How To Choose A Home Water Filter?

1. Study on POE (Point Of Entry) and POU (Point Of Use) systems

Commonly, there are two types of water filters available for home use. POE systems treat all the water that enters your home and then connects to the water meter or some pressurized water tank. While POU systems, treat water at the point where it is being consumed such as the sink or even shower head. POU systems can be installed externally or internally.POU that is installed internally, filter the water usually passing through the pipe.

2. Research more information on different types of POU systems

POU filters such as built-in filters, refrigerator filters and even pitcher filters can be mounted directly to the faucet, under the sink or the countertop.

3. Check on Water Contamination level and evaluate based on your needs

This is the most important information required for your decision making to narrow down your water filtering system best suit your needs. Usually, you could easily find this information from your local government website, newspaper or any other online channel. The contamination can be in the form of visible particles or invisible bacteria.
Well, if the contamination in the water is toxic, then the POE filter is suitable since it cleans all the before entering your house water. A POU filter on the faucet, if you are only filtering the water for taste.

If you are in doubt, consider consulting a Certified Water Treatment Professional or someone who has experience in doing so.

If you are looking for water filter Singapore, you can consider who has vast experience and a passionate team with water filtration and purification. My SG friend highly recommended them not only to provide professional advice but also helps in solving the problem in their area of expertise.
Most of their water filter selection centred on lean engineering that exceeds conventional devices while maintaining its effectiveness. Mostly designed for maximum simplicity in usage. Good news for us who favour a plug-and-play concept and fewer maintenance costs.

I was using a countertop twin water filter at home since all I need is just a peace of mind kind of filter water with better taste. Basically, the water is safe for my consumption. But there are many countertop twin water filters in the market. You are spoiled with choices!

Xeltro CT22-Countertop Twin Water Filter

My Singapore friend recommended Xeltro CT22 - Countertop Twin Water Filter.

Xeltro CT22 - Countertop Twin Filter features :

  • Designed and manufactured in Japan
  • Filtech Technology for cleaner and better-tasting water
  • 7 Layer Ultra Twin Filteration
  • Eliminates up to 99.99 percent of Bacteria, Impurities and Chlorine
  • 3 mode-switch: Filtered, Unfiltered Shower, Unfiltered Stream

Xeltro CT22 - Countertop Twin Filter specification :

  • Overall dimensions : 320mm x 230mm x 100mm
  • Weight : 0.8kg
  • Flow Rate of 21/minute
  • Lifetime of 6000 L or approx. 6 - 8 months
  • Pressure: 0.1 - 0.4 Mpa

Warranty - 1 year

7 Stage Ultra Twin Filteration
1. The first filtration process is 5mm thick ceramic filter to filter sediments, heavy metal, rust giardia, cysts and bacteria of larger or equal to 0.1 micron in size while a the same time still preserves necessary minerals. Common bacteria such as E-Coli and Cryptosporidium are rejected.

2. FIR (Far Infra Red) layer is used to soften hard water which eliminating offensive odours and preventing bacteria growth. As FIr resonance with water, it activates and ionizes water molecules, which make the water tastes fresher. This provides a health benefit that helps to balanced acidity levels in the body and raises oxygen levels.

3. Ion Exchange Resin percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials. These sodium ions are exchanged for every calcium or magnesium ion removed from the water and subsequently preventing bacteria build-up.

4. Anti Bacterial Ions kill bacteria and deter bacterial growth by breaking down organic compounds that comprise bacteria such as bacteria cell membranes.

5. Alkaline Medium raises the pH level of the water which ads in neutralising acid in your body, which can lead to various health benefits including preventing diseases such as cancer and liver disease.

6. KDF Activated Carbon which KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. KDF granular activated carbon incorporates absorption and catalytic reduction mechanism for embellished and augmented purification efficiency. since it is equipped with activated carbon filtering for removal of residual chlorine up to 99.99 per cent, VOC's and other impurities, so it deodorizes, improve the colour and taste of water.

7. Finally, the Filtech Hybrid Carbon Membrane Technology for further pervasive particle exclusion filtration to discard hanging colloids and eliminates up to 99.99 per cent bacteria and maintain the quality of drinking water.

Filtech pledges :

* A Free delivery for all orders above SGD60 and receive the item as early as the following day

* State of the Art Purification Technology - strive to adopt the most advance and effective purification method

* Hundred Percent Tested and Certified product safe for consumption and usage

* Impeccable Quality Standards - designed and manufactured in Japan by trusted and reliable suppliers with only premium materials and ensure the highest standards for quality.

There are many reasons why every home and office should install a water filter. Why? Water is a basic human need. It just we need to keep it on top of our mind that all H20 is not created equally. You require a filter for clean water.

If you are in Singapore and currently looking for a water filter and air purifier, do browse Filtech or make an inquiry with one water filter professional consultant.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

For Women Over 40

Lately, I was feeling lethargic and lack of energy to carry myself around. I exercise and do stretching daily without fail. What else I need to do? I was puzzled myself. I read and browse around and found out about the balanced diet and nutrition. It's impossible to take get some of that nutrition in daily diet. Especially when I am in the range of above 40 years old women who is still recovering from knee surgery. I am struggling to keep my body healthy these days.

Muscles Loss

My muscles have diminished a lot from that surgery and knowing my body who loves to accumulate fat than muscles, I definitely need to do something about this. 

Even a healthy adult can lose 8% of muscle every decade. I can imagine me? me? Gosh! I don't even want to calculate my losing percentage. No wonder!!!! I feel this way.

At age 40, women lose muscles mass twice as fast as men. Sadly, most of the loss occurs in core muscles which supports the abdomen. This is why the belly fat keeps on growing. I read if the women try to do a crash diet they will end up causes more muscle loss due to eating low calories and not using muscles. mmmmmm......what you want us to do????


I have been struggling with the metabolism for quite sometimes now. I read, after 40 the estrogen hormones level drop and cause the insulin to rise. Then the thyroid goes down which makes you always hungry and end up eating more and burning fewer calories. As for me, I rarely feel hungry. I can live without eating for one whole day. The only time I get hungrier like a 'hungry ghost' is during my premenstrual time. 

I tried to add in more vegetables in my daily diet. I avoid sugar and starchy food. I am still fat!


I consider myself having a physically healthy lifestyle. I am an early morning bird who always chirping around or should I strike off that chirping around? hehehe I started my day with morning stretching and then morning walk for around 1 hour. I did some simple cardio for 30 minutes in the afternoon. It just lately the knee condition kind of not permitted me to do the cardio. So I change to just stretching to ensure I still have and maintain the flexibility.


The key nutrients for above 40s would be the B , D Vitamins and Calcium. 

7 signs to tell you are lack of nutritions

1. Unexplained fatigue - that's me!

2. Brittle and dry hair - that's me again!

3. Ridged or spoon-shaped nails - not me. I have a pretty nails

4. Mouth problems such as cracking or inflammation at the corners of the mouth. - I have that!

5. Diarrhea - not me! my morning pass perfectly! hahhahaha don't try to imagine.

6. Apathy or irritability - yes me!

7. Lack of appetite - I thought this is good? Yes! that's me.

You can do a blood test to check which nutrients you are lacking. I have skipped my annual medical check-up for more than 2 years now. We shall see, if those 'big shot' up there announce to lift up this Movement Control Orders next week. I will sign up for one then.