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Hola Amigos!!!! means 'Hello Friends'!!! ehem.. ehem...I am learning Spanish? Don't you think this is a common phrase to us?

Let's learn about typical Mexican Food. I bet you can travel to Mexico and order food like a pro after read this post. Your friend will jaw drop to hear you order Mexican Food without even looking at the menu. kekekeke...Well.. Mexican food basically... 


Tortilla is usual in Mexicans menu since it can easily make with flour. Tortillas often served with meal as bread or used in typical dishes. eg. rolled and baked for enchiladas, fried for tacos or grilled for quesadillas.


Don't hate beans. Beans is a good source of protein. Most beans are commonly boiled and then fried as garnish.


Chilies are great for anti oxidant source. Ours in Asia mainly slim and small chilies which gives hot and spicy effect. North American Countries the Chilies main big and the bigger the chili the milder of its flavor. 


One of my favourite after watch famous Venezuela drama. WTH!!!! Guacamole is basically avocado mashed with onions, chilies and cilantro (other words is coriander). Served as a dip and I normally love this with my wrap or sandwiches.

SALSA dear Amigos!!! this is not type of dance. Salsa is just a sauce. Mainly with red or green mixed of onion, tomatoes and chilies with coriander.

You have learn about Mexican let us learn about typical dishes so you won't scratch your head much when you read the rest of my post. hehehehehe...I rolled my tongue a lot when read the menu. WTH!

Typical Mexican Dishes :


- which means raw fish marinated in lime juice , often in a chopped salad


- this basically a large fat Poblano Chilies stuffed with cheese or spicy mean (picadillo). As I mentioned earlier the bigger the chilies the mid taste it become. Extra caution the sauce may not taste as mild as the big chilies.


- just a tortillas coated in tomato and chili sauce , stuffed with vegetables, chicken or beef then folded and baked. Mainly topped with sour cream. I bet this dishes is nothing new for us Malaysian it just the ingredients it different.


- this is a simple dish and mainly served with beans or some salad. I's tortillas stuffed with cheese , folded and grilled 


- Many of us familiar with this name. This is basically tortillas fried until crispy and served with various fillings.


- thin and crisp tortillas served loaded with guacamole , sour cream, chilies ,chicken etc.

Congratulation!!! You have master the Mexican food and dishes. Now you are ready to taste the Mexican Food. WTH!

I was so excited to receive the invitation for the Taste of Mexico at Hard Rock Cafe. Most of you who have been reading my blog know I love traveling and experience different cultures too. I have visited numbers of Southeast Asia Countries and most flight I took max 6 hours travel all the way more than 8 hours flight will be a pain to my ass. For your information Mexico is part of North America Country. It will be long hours flight. Damn!

No need to spend thousands for airfares and hotel or even long hours flight for Mexican food. While you are craving for the Taste of Mexico, take this opportunity to visit the coolest and awesome cafe in town which no need lengthy intro from me...Hard Rock Cafe! They are bringing Mexico near to you. Drop by to Hard Rock Cafe in this month of May to experience embrace ethnic and flavor forward cuisine from Mexico.

Mexican food

The menu range are superb ! I bet it suits our Malaysian taste bud too. You have learn some basic skill earlier of this post. Now its time to apply it in real. hehehe..' PEDIR A MI AMIGOS'! which means 'ORDER UP MY FRIENDS'!

Order this at any Hard Rock Cafe franchise to Taste of Mexico.


There are three street tacos for you to choose.

* Barbacoa (Barbecue)
* South West Pulled Chicken
* Grilled Spicy Shrimp

Each tacos rich with delicious fresh shredded lettuce , parmesan cheese, pico de gallo, fetta cheese, picante sauce and sour cream wrap with flour tortillas.




If you don't  like Assorted Mexican Street Tacos, there are other tacos for your selection. You can try,


Shredded chipotle chicken , fetta cheese , fresh cheese, avocado and top with yellow chilli pepper sauce served with tormatillo salsa and spicy sauce.


Chipotle (chipotle means smoked hot chili peppers used in Mexican cooking) sweet potato, quinoa, pico de gallo and parmesan cheese ( don't worry much) and served with tormatilla (Mexican hust tomato) salsa, feta cheese and sour cream.

For those who loves to munch and light snacks can opt for crispy...


Yucatan style shrimp ceviche

Fresh steamed shrimp with combination of fragrance citrus lime, orange, avocado, cucumber for cooling effect and give it to more kick with cilantaro, tomatillos, habanero peppers and serrano peppers served with crispy munchy yellow corn chips.

One of favourite of the Taste of Mexico at Hark Rock Cafe...JENG JENG JENG introducing...



One can taste shredded chipotle chicken conbination of sweet juicy grilled pineapples and rich of feta cheese and fresh cheese served with spicy sauce, sour cream and guacamole.
What makes me love this one so much? hihihihi...I am a big fan of guacamole.

Craving for crispy fried food? Well this crispy starters will satisfied your craving...


crispy shrimp with aji amarillo sauce

Nope!!! not that Aji No Moto thingy..this one is panko (bread crumbs) breaded shrimp with fresh cheese. Its served with crispy spicy pecans, green onion and it come with refreshing zesty yellow chilli pepper sauce and feta cheese. Not spicy at all! In fact you can even taste like eating chilli. Finger liking good! 

For salad fan like yours truly....hehehe this one is not something can be missed.


grilled shrimp with mexican salad

Once you taste can even convert the non raw avocados eater to one. I witnessed the conversion that day..WTH! What's in the salad? Well... spring mixed green mix with black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, jalapenos, roasted corn top with achiote (type of spice) spiced shrimp and tossed with refreshing chilli orange vinaigrette and drizzled of yellow chilli pepper for the anti oxidant effect. 

Ladies!!!! Order up!

Don't miss this promotion which will only last up to 31st May 2016. 

Do you have a May Birthday babies among you? Don't crack your head on where to go...Why don't organise something different and celebrate their special day Mexican Style! It will be a celebration to remember for your special someone too!

For Muslim friends, don't worry food at Hard Rock Cafe Malaysia is Halal and from Halal source. I personally spoken to person who done the purchasing of raw ingredients for Hard Rock. Other than they sell liquor they assured no liquor drop or non halal ingredients in food serve here.

'Ten Un Buen Fin De Semana' !!!!! which means 'Have a Nice weekend!!!' in Spanish.

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