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Experience Taking Magnesium Glycinate for the first time


Supplement for Women

I bought Magnesium Glycinate after watching many reviews on TikTok. Gosh!!! Tiktokians prescription! Not even a doctor. I did some research as well before going ahead to purchase one. I read taking Magnesium Glycinate gives you more benefits than the opposite. 

Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate :

* Sleep assistance

* Support memory

* Promote healthy blood pressure (careful if you have anaemia, please consult your GP first ya)

* Supports blood sugar control

* Good for bones health

* Induced leg cramps

* Muscle relaxation

Magnesium Glycinate has higher bioavailability and is more gentle on the stomach, unlike other forms of magnesium. Just make sure you get pure Magnesium Glycinate. To be honest, I dare to take this because Magnesium Glycinate doesn't really have many side effects, compared to other magnesium which might cause diarrhoea, cramping and even digestive upset for some people.

Please buy the purest possible Magnesium Glycinate and comes with the recommended dose. 

My experience took Magnesium Glycinate for the first time.

I read it was advisable to take it one hour before bedtime. On my first day taking this capsule, I was due to do some online sales shout-out at 10pm ( for those who have been following sure know, I am a freelance Digital Creator ). So, I decided to swallow the one magnesium glycinate capsule at 9pm. 

After 5 minutes of taking it, I feel so drowsy to the point my eyes were watery and dying to rest my head on the pillow. I was like ...WTH! I can't sleep now. I need to upload the posting at 10pm tonight. This is my final post some more. I can't get paid if miss out on this final one. I managed to survive and did the shout out timely. I immediately doze off at around 10:05pm since that was the time remembered that night.

I woke up at 6:30am for morning prayer. I didn't even remember waking up in the middle of my sleep as I usually do.  Now, that explained, my bladder was super full in the morning. I felt like just repaid all the sleep I lost all this while. My back pain is kind of not too hurt like usually does. It still hurt but not as harsh as I wish God just take my life immediately like I usually pray. 

It has been a week now. I feel it really makes a good difference to my body. I wish to know this earlier. I wonder why the Doctor can't even advise us to take this kind of supplement after looking at medical screening results and listening to patient concerns. All they know is to push for their Shaklee products to earn more commission. 

I pray for better health now and slowly trying my best to rectify my hormone imbalance syndrome to make it better.

Here are the supplements, I am taking to improve my health condition, especially as a woman over 40.

1. Vitamin D3 + K2

2. Calcium Plus

3. Omega 3 - Triple Strength

4. Ashwagandha

5. Vitamin B

6. Vitamin C - I took one real fruit orange

7. Magnesium Glycinate

8. Probiotic

On top of that, I will make sure to start my day with a high-fibre breakfast such as Overnight Oats with Chia Seed, lunch with one protein and green vegetables and end my day with fruits for dinner.

For me, food intake always comes first but supplementing vital nutrients can help to avoid nutrient deficiencies. I was neglecting the supplement intake for many years and have suffered too much. My ignorant led to hormone imbalances, inflammation, oxidative stress, toxicity and other wear and tear. I never realize this as I continue living with the thought that living in pain is part of the ageing process.

I took all the basic supplements listed for a week now and I feel different. When someone told you taking supplements is useless please don't take that opinion 100%. When someone told you to live life swear by supplements, don't take that 100% too. Why I said this?

Not everybody is the same. However, you should know your body best. You will feel the difference and only you know that.

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