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Firefly at Kuala Selangor

This is Sekinchan , Paddy Field Dear my friend! you keep whining this is not a good scenery and where is the beautiful greenery paddies and why is all the paddy not grown yet.... OOOOhhhh hello... its not season yet!!! we come here another time ok!!! The skinny cow Waiting for the sun set and waiting for the dark ....whyyyyy??? because I am taking this manually peddle boat ..... to witness a natural living firefly by Selangor River bank....seriously ... this is a good and amazing experience. I have been on speed boat on the sea... but manual peddle boat on the river???? I likeeeeeee......


Killer pose You see black kangaroo??? eheh nooooo I am a monkey!!! My future seems so bleak and I still can't see the light... oooo GOD!!! help me... I told you to see my parent earlier... now see...what happen to us??? I have to carry this baby in my stomach even without a wedding... you stupid!!! go far away from me.... gimme...some food!!!! nom nom nom nom.... its mine mine mine mine...go away you lil brat!!! nom..nom..nom...nom... call me greedy ...whatever!!! mmmm... too full... huaarrrgghhh!!! time for afternoon nap..zzzzzzzz On top of the world...... I reflect...... Gimme! gimme!!! gimmeeeeeeee!!!!! I wanna I wanna!!!!! gimme some food pretty!!!

Melawati Hill at Kuala Selangor

Self Drive ; From KL City - you just head to Jln kuching turn off at Jln Ipoh/Kepong turning and keep left. Passing Jinjang, Kepong then Sri Damansara. Heads towards Sungai Buloh and follow Kuala Selangor. From PJ City - head on the LDP highway to Sri Damansara passing One Utama, Curve, Toll then keep left to Sungai Buloh and head to Kuala Selangor. My friend GPS called FE. MA. LE (oh! friend of mine so weird , he name his GPS that name because its FEMALE voice) ...Oh ya!!!! that FE. MA. LE. decided to bring us round and round then pay and pay and pay and pay and pay more to toll...yeah! we did a charity to the government last weekend. What you can find in Bukit Melawati Cannons Light house  Beautiful view of Malacca Straights  Monkeysssssss Of course you have more things up there like poison well, royal burial, traitor's graveyard and many more...but I lost my interest to snap more photos...because I am too hungry. Even the monkey g


My friend just got himself a GPS. So weekend time this fella will roaming me around town to search for food. Hohohohoho knowing me likeeeeee to eat! eheh! The GPS voice is woman voice so my lunatic friend name his GPS girlfriend as 'FE. MA. LE. But his FE. MA. LE. totally have accent that really disturbing... her pronouciation totally need to brush up. Sungei Besi become 'SANKAI BESI' Sungei Buloh become ' SANKAI BULLOCK' which I mistakenly thought she said 'Sandra Bullock' Teluk Intan become ' TK INT' ..... Oh! hello .... told my friend to make his FE. MA. LE. to shut up and go to sleep. What happen next ??? My friend replied and rolled his eyes to me..... so now you lead the way...ok??? Ohohohoho..... friend!!!!! totally not ok...I don't know the way... wake your FE. MA. LE. up because I love to listen her talking.... ceeeeeh!!!! Plus... I want to go home... You so sensitive one ...aaaarrr my time don't want


Wan from cooking-varieties just tagged me....ah! suddenly feel like real celebrities....ehemmm... I don't really know about this tagged game. I don't think I want to tag anybody too.... Anyway, I want to give a try for harm.... Here are my simple answers from the Wan questions : 1. Do you really enjoy blogging? I enjoy it very much because this is my only diary. 2. Is blogging your hobby? Yes. One of my hobbies. 3. How many hours a day do you spend on blogging? Normally, less than half hour. I try replying to all comments in my blog at daily basis. I normally blog my entry at weekly basis and during weekend , reason being my weekday daily life is so hectic. Limited time for my hobbies. 4. Mostly do you cook or buy ready made food? Of course I buy! Cooking is too troublesome for me. 5. Name your favourite flower? Why Wild orchids. Same like me wild but still mild! (what the heck am I saying.....duh! they are pretty in their own way) 6. Name one

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : The Princess who overdosed

Paparazzi spotted Princess take out 'Kana fish bento set' for her Friday lunch!!! Close informer mentioned, this kana fish bento set came all the way from Japan through her PA. Paparazzi have to fork out huge air fares just to follow Princess since she decided to have lunch at Kesington A Starter - Wild mushroom soup with garlic bread Kesington special brewed coffee while waiting for her lunch at Kesington Princess decided to go party tonight??? She still can accommodate for latte.... mmmmm...careful princess you might overdose with caffein! Here goes Princess main course... pan fried dory fish with herbs and top with light salsa, wedges potatoes (not frozen one ok! this is specially made, mixed veggies) Deep fried squid with cajun spice and top with golden crispy garlic Paparazzi spotted rose carved from carrot garnishing on Princess plate....Wow! roses for princess on her plate....Princess really get a royal treatment in Kesington

Princess and Witch in love

Princess love ,is a happy ending Witch love, is a cursed! Well imagine , I am witch...of course the good name will become 'Witch Cindyrina'? Doesn't sounds right at all!!!! I stick to Princess Cindyrina then.....hihihihi Happy Friday and have a good weekend ahead to all Princesses and Witches!!!!!!

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