Monday, May 2, 2011

Pumpkin Adventure

Oh! Three days staying at home I dare myself to experience different type of culinary skills.
Asian - Fried Koay Teow
Italian - Seafood Pasta
Western - Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin cake

Ahahahahahaha... talk about my pumpkin cake. How does this started????
I bought one big pumpkin. After too much hassle peeling off the thick and hard skin of that pumkin. I boiled it and blend it then boiled it into 3 different falvour.

1st pumpkin soup flavour - Original without any additional flavour add in
2nd flavour - Chicken stock and salt add in
3rd Floavour - butter, cinnamon, salt

My verdict - I like the 3rd one. It taste more milky and smooth

But imagine I boiled one whole pumpkin soup and only me alone to finish it.
Even to drink that pumpkin soup for the whole day make me wanna throw up pumpkin.

I decided to convert the remaining pumkin soup into cake.
how to bake a cake?
I never bake a cake before.... :)
I watched the cooking show before, what I need is :
* Flour - I have wholemeal wheat flour
* Egg - I have that
* Baking Powder - checked
* Butter - Got it!
* Sugar , Salt - got it!
* Baking Tray - NO I DON'T HAVE THAT kekekeke

I throw whatever I have and the result as below as what you can see.

Too soft but solid for a cake the taste is not bad for the first timer.
It look ugly I admit it hehehehe

My ugly pumpkin cake

Another style of my pumpkin cake... totally flat cake hahahaha

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