Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Positive mind

This morning I woke up with feeling the pain on my right feet bunion area.
Intolerable painful bone!!!! Hurting like you are dying...

I look at my alarm clock beside my bed, it was 4.30am.
Uh! here I am lying on my bed with painful feet.

I was at office very early this morning.
Decided to have thosai with dhal for breakfast.
Eat a little and my appetite totally gone.
I just can't eat it all.
Last night my only dinner was mushroom soup and this went down to my toilet bowl.
My system a bit out this week.

Yesterday lunch I was telling my colleague lets go to different food place since next week I can't join her for lunch due to fasting month. Yesterday menu was Briyani Rice from Wisma Central. Then we visited temple nearby for Chinese Red Bean and Peanut pancake for dessert. All of them went to the toilet bowl . Here goes my luxury lunch.I just feel headache and what I ate just wanna go out!

Am I sick??? My system starting to malfunction again? Ah! I need to change management again. Horrible! All situation is so yuckyyyy!!!!

Hope to day ok, I just eat a little and thats it with hope I doesn't throw again. God bless!!!!!

Happy working everybody!
We sick or we sad ...we still need to work with happy mind and face. Go away all the negative ... I welcome the positive.

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