Monday, July 23, 2012


Omo! its Monday again!
Bless from the above...
I can see you again Monday!

This morning woke up at 4:40am.
Get my toast bread done with honey and butter spread.
Satisfy my thirst with honey lemon...
Watch 'Gentlemen Dignity' for a little and then off for prayer then get ready to work.
Working hours has change to a little earlier to match back with the early out.

We will see how will the traffic this evening at 5pm.
I am sure it will be crazy....Ah!!!! so demotivated to go back home at 5pm.

Anyway this morning , I was freaking yawning like a crocodile on the way to work.
Gosh!!!!! my eyes was half open.
The driver in front of me .... she must be feeling the same because the speed she is going was not moving or something.
She made me more sleepy.....
Step up girl!!!!

Ah! I am so not in the mood this Monday am I going to cheer up myself???
No coffee....

Guess menu will be french toast and capsicum!
Ah! the easiest among all the dishes...suitable for lazy and not in the mood to eat people like me.
My aim for this week is to finish off the loaf of bread I bought.
Reason ...I never have chance to finish any loaf of bread.
So this time..I promise to myself not going to waste it!

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