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Valued Voice
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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Discover Korea last weekend at Farenheit,KL

Many people from the outside...I walked to the middle...hahahaha empty!!!!
All they sell is ramen ramen ramen ramen...oh! in our terms....instant noodles more and more...oh! they also have bimbimbap demo....

Accompany chinggu to Uniqlo shopping for Bhutan trip clothing....yeah,clothing suitable for cold season...

Since I don't really enjoy waiting for I end up playing with my clear mirror in front of me...

Time for some selca...OMO!!!! the wrinkle is so obvious!!!

Woit! chinggu ya!!!!! so fussy...faster choose one and pay le...I impatient to wait for you...
just take that yellow one..or blue one..I prefer green though!!!! Ballee!! Ballee!! (in korean means hurry up!) 

While waiting for chee cheong fun at low yat

Dangui honey drink

sambal belacan chee cheong fun...

fried foo chuk,brinjal and bitter gourd!!!
This is my dinner!!! yummy!

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