Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seoul Trip 8 - 17 Nov 2012

I just came back from my Seoul Trip last Sunday morning.
Yup! reached home around 1:00am. I came back with melted flue. wahahaha..disgusting huh?
I was accchhooooo...all the way ..unable to sleep and until now the body feel very heaty and so not comfortable.
Temperature over there in Seoul???
Wind chill and as low as 1 celsius...my nose and cheek frozen!
My trip is 97% leisure and 3% work...hehehehe sounds great...until yeah...I don't feel like coming back here to Malaysia.
I want to stay in Seoul!
I went there with limited Korean language...so I end up have a mind of Japanese in foreign country.
I communicate in English and BM and they will reply to me in Korean...and yet we still understand each other.
They are very nice to me too...
Especially the Ajumma and Ajusshi....so helpful too.
Lonely traveller like me love this kind of hospitality.
Most of the time I walked using my tab gps...
I took subway and walk and walk and walk...
I only took one day tour for DMZ/3rd Tunnel/Paju from USO.
Please expect Seoul episode in my blog entry for the next few weeks....read it until you throw up!!! hehehe...
I will write it with my style of thinking....WTH!
As usual like one of the person I met... I am one annoying adorable woman he ever met!
As long as I am happy!!!!
What is your problem???

Using my platinum card privellage....boarding at KLIA lounge...wuhhuhuhuhuh...

Latte at KLIA lounge ...DAEBAK!!!!
Wanna bring home that guy who make this delicious latte...muahahahaha

special seafood meal for me ...in Korean Air...
Economy seat KLIA-INCHEON
and guess what?????
Lady luck in my side again.....
came back INCHEON - KLIA
with Prestige seat...WTH!!!!

look at my eye bag....can't really sleep in Seoul because that place with everywhere coffee coffee coffee...so i drank coffee coffee coffee coffee all the time...and i keep counting sheep mmbbeekk mmbeekk....but still can't sleep..
Mind was tired but my eyes wide open...
All because of my uncontrollable desire towards coffee....cold...so I need hot drink most of the time.

spacious seat...
I feel so rich!!!!

too rich!!!!
until my eyes became like that!!!

so happy...because my dream came true again...
Thank you God!!!

my seafood meal

my seafood late night snack!!!!

since I have the thinking that I am rich...
muahahahaha... I sky shop too!!!!

The damage from having that rich feeling????
I spent my USD I kept for almost 2 years in Korean Air Sky Shop!!!!
Back home....work harder for me to spend more money next year to please myself...
I really travel my style!!!
Princess style!!!!
You don't need wealthy man to enjoy this...
You just need to spend you own hardship money to feel this satisfaction...
Seoul is my style!!!!
Next episode will be food I ate in Seoul!

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