Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seoul : Lantern Festival 2012

I was very lucky to stay at Jongno area during my trip in Seoul. The place I stayed is practically walking distance to many attractions and also convenient to get  subway to anywhere I want.
One of the attraction is Cheonggye Stream which located about 5 minutes walking distance from place I stay. During my trip there is this  Festival going on along the Cheonggyecheon Stream.
Over 30,000 lanterns of various sizes and shapes, depicting Joseon Dynasty lifestyles or representing company/org logo. The stretch of lantern is between Cheonggye Plaza and Seungyo Bridge. There are many activities going on, lantern making, lantern floating for good luck, lantern fortress building and wish hanji (traditional paper) hanging.
Cheonggye stream served many important functions since it flowing through the capital and restoring the Cheonggye Stream is the wisest the decision since it helps to recover 600 years of Seoul's history and culture and is helping Seoul be reborn as an ecologically friendly city.
Some of the shot I managed to compress to suit this blog capacity. BIG DUH!!!
I have many others....but hehehehe....the big 'L' and the big 'NO TIME'.
Its beautiful every night for me in Seoul.
Strolling by the stream after dinner and looking at Ajussi, Ajumma and couple smootching under the bridge....haishhhhh... normal scene like in Korean Movie...duh!!!!
Yeay!!! my eyes wondering around for handsome ' NAMJA'.
But hell the handome one all got 'Agashi' clinging to their arm. Oh well another word is TAKEN!!!!!
How to fight with those 'Agashi' who has modified their beauty????
Damn!!!! very competitive!!!
Eat Pray Love
I only have Eat Pray.....

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