Saturday, December 1, 2012

Seoul : Squirrel Nami Style

Early Monday morning , took a long subway ride then took 5 minutes cab ride to Namiseon Ferry Terminal...
I finally reached at the famous Nami Island.
I never watch Winter Sonata but I heard the drama make this Island Super famous.
Serious ...many people here.....
I think if I come here maybe ...2 - 3 weeks earlier the scene would be even nicer.
Now is fall season and going to winter cold.
Don't know how many hot coffee I drank just to keep my body warm.
mmmm..I wore long john plus 3 more layers of clothing...damn still chilling....
That clothing really make me look super fat!!!! (not admitting I am fat....muahahahaha)

This is the shape of the Island...

The famous actors and actresses in Winter Sonata

Serious... this statue so famous and very difficult to just snap a photo without people clinging on this statue....see see hand there.... mmmmmm... me try my best to focus on that status without include that girl.

Owwww the famous snow man from Winter Sonata too

one of the in painting...


ahhhhh... me was mesmerized with this view....if I have more photo skill...this photo would be nicer...huh???


Ya ...Ajjussi!!!!
for snapping my photo.

mmmmm.... I am curious how dangerous can this rabbit be????

Ceehhhhh!!! no rabbit but squirrel!!!!!
I was enjoying my rice cake... then this squirrel

started to stand on his two feet....omo omo...

Op Op Op ... i mean ...Squi Squi Squirrel Nami Style!!!
Whoa!!!! so baby dance...

there you go ....
I shared my lunch with this adorable squirrel at Nami Island.
This fella ar.... dance dance then get the rice cake then went up to the tree and eat then came down again then dance again with that mushy eyes...then get the cake....that fella dance again and again until I got nothing else to feed him....

this is the rice cake I bought from Hyundai Mall...
All gone to that adorable dangerous rabbit...OMO squirrel!!!

I am going to Myanmar for meeting next Monday...WTH!!!!
Day trip...somemore!!!
going myanmar nowadays like going back to Taiping...wor!!!!
Monday morning is the most hate day for almost me me....need to wake up 3:30am since I book cab at 4:30am....OMMMMMAAAAA!!!!!
I wanna play that lazy song but I can't!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend to everyone!!!

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