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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HANOI - 1st Night Foodies

I decided to go on short trip 24th - 28th Jan 2013.
Yeay! for some people will think I just go on holiday and no working....
It look like that coz I just finish my post on Seoul trip which end on late Nov 2012.
After this no more trip for me.
I mean not so soon....
I will be saving up for my bunion feet treatment in HK.
At first, I wanted to visit Angkor Wat but the flight is so limited and not suitable for me.
Then I thought of going to Saigon.
But then read somewhere said Saigon is hot weather.
So I shifted my plan to Hanoi which is up North of Vietnam.
It was totally ad hoc plan.
Anyway, boarded the plane and off me go to Hanoi on 24th Jan 2013.

as usual happy face going for holiday :)

my hotel room... love the fresh flowers.
They even have fresh lilies near their small french deco lobby.

papaya salad
my first night dinner...again 'greedy woman' can't help her greediness...and ordered whatever she think good to eat.

seafood fried rice with viet rice paper and lots of veggies topping

there you go the spring roll...this one is from the demo. The waitress show me how to roll and eat their spring roll.

dip the spring roll with this sauce and eat it... mmmm fresh taste

this is what happen when I roll my own spring roll....all over the place....

i tried their local dessert too...
steamed hot glutinous rice with cold ice cream.... a lil bit like 'Katie Perry' hot n cold....
next I will write on my day trip in Hanoi.

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