Thursday, January 31, 2013

HANOI - Ancient Village Day Trip

My first day trip in Hanoi is a visit to Duong Lam Ancient Village.
I hate day trip by the way.
I prefer walk on my own freely explore the place.
No choice, Hanoi don't have the infrastructure like Seoul or Beijing.
Rise and my french style buffet breakfast place

anxiously waiting for my tour leader to come pick me up at 8am.
It was a small group.
Me and another senior citizen couple from Taiwan.
They are so loving couple by the way.

on the way ...this is my first sight of Hanoi City...OMO!!!! so dirty ar???
Aiyo!!! I have too high expectation for a developing country like Vietnam.

people busy eating breakfast.
our place have 'mamak style' coffee
Just sit on that lowered kindergarden style stool and they can just enjoy their breakfast there...
mmmmm.... how am I going to adapt to this culture????

everywhere about motor motor headache seeing them all over the street.
All my photos seem like blur...
OH! thats not because my photo skill so 'bloody' suck!
My tour guide said it is fog....but to me it smells haze...
Very bad haze...due to open burning...

our first stop is a place where all those carving small scales industry..
boy as young as 6 years old sent by their parent here to learn this skill.
They only graduate when age reach 18 years old.
If you see all the woods here is yellowish in color.
No...not the paint but the natural color from jackfruit tree woods.
Yup! they use jackfruit tree wood.

gosh!!! never imagine me visiting this place.
me...temporarily amnesia and book this tour...anyway good experience though!

see see... who have more forehead lines????

God of mercy

Do you know why they did small hole in every statue???
They need to add in small amount of gold inside to bring life to the statue.
Learn something new today,huh?
What is this???
hehehehehe.... this one also don't know ar???
Turtle is a symbol of longevity!
How come yello turtle suddenly become black???
Not because that fella angry or upset...but this is the effect if you polish the jackfruit tree woods.

Everyone!!! introduce to you......jeng jeng jeng...
Hanoi Chicks!!!!
I mean Hanoi Chicken...kekekekeke

what is this???
This call..... 'baby jackfruit'.
first time hear and see this???
me too!!!

I saw one Hanoi Ajumma...carrying this in plastic bag...I thought got giant strawberry here...but then when I pointed this at my tour guide...she then google this using her samsung note 2..... repeat again samsung note 2 and found out this is baby jackfruit.
She is only 22 years old.
Dare not take out my phone at all....shy liao!!!1
So cham!!!!
Nokia X5 which people always thought mini blackberry of mine and which I always reply back no no not blackberry but tuttiberry.

ish ish ish.... if my mum saw this my mum will ask me to go back my home town and explore there...cheaper!!!
no need to take flight all the way....

Introducing to you .... the first Hanoi dog!!!!
Whoa!! this fella famous huh????

local sundry shop

local kindergarden kids...
meal time!!!
That Taiwanese couple kids so much...waving and waving to these kids from outside the gate.
Kiddies??? whatelse.... jumping up and down like 'kiddo hanoi style'!
Ah! whatever!!!

Finally reached this Duong Lam village.
At the gate people already talked to me in Vietnamese language...damn!!! here too????
One thing about this village...two of vietnam's kings were born here.
Famous heh?

So ...hanoi look meh???

This village has been well - know for its te brick house, built three to four centuries ago.
Laterite is red clay formed from weathered basalt found in norther vietnam.
This place is also important place for scientists to study resident communities and ancient agriculture.
I was told there buddist and Christian Katholic live in this ancient village.

Bold phoenix is a symbol of intelligent and beauty
That pitiful turtle step by that phoenix is symbol of longevity.

visited Mong Phu communal house.
Jars of soy bean paste....hehehe not kimchi !!!

they selling rice wines, and bean paste too...

this is the ancient house.
Guess why that step is so high???
Because when gues walk in.... they have no choice to step in and bend down..this show respect to the houseowner...
Me ...trying to be bold...walk in with my head up...muahahaha almost knock down my head with that lowered roof...served me right huh???

dried corns

old way to get your rice processed

this house is from that ancient bricks I told you about earlier...

the communal I visited...serve me this tea.
Argggghhhh!!!!ngor be tahan arrrrr!!!
they really put in fresh tea leaves....lots of it in hot water then add in fresh jasmine flower...serious...can't stand the thick grass smells...

the photo of 3 generations of the communal visited.

I bought bag of this rice cakes from one of the local here.
love it.... it has ginger and peanut in yummy!!!!

more local snacks...but lazy to buy!
This day trip not finish yet...I will continue in next post!

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