Monday, January 7, 2013

Prunes diet

Today is Monday!!!!
I am supposely to busy open my mouth wide open for dentist to insert in screw and put in the denture....hope everything its fine!
Saturday they called me and say my gadget not arrive yet, so next appointment on Friday. WTH!
Wait for my next rant le...

Today post is for my latest diet....
Dying to look like on of 'Girls Generation' ambitious of me leh...but don't want to starve my self like them can ..I can't eat many good food...slurrppp!!!

I am dying to lose weight but really feel pain to my ass to complete that 1 hour running on treadmill daily.
I did run and walking on that treadmill but still my metabolism rate is like...weiiiii...still slow...yeah...factor of ageing really help to slow it even more.

during early December met my sis and she were saying you try to eat pitted prunes at least 7 a day. Don't over eat it!

Currently hook to this pitted prunes...I don't really like the taste though but it help to clear my intestines though...

Last wednesday , I bought  prune juice...I am lazy to chew down pitted prunes every night , so I thought maybe juice is easier just swallow down.
But the greedy side of me had one big glass of prunes juice.
Damn!!! within a minute I was at toilet ....oh well...stuck in there for whole night weiiiiiii.... prune juice problem.
I google in the internet and actually I over drank it.
mmmmm... whatever...this juice or pitted prunes is good and helps to treat constipation and also it full of other nutrients like anti oxidants , reduce blood cholesterol levels,reduce risk of cancer,cardiovascular disease.

Now, I just drink it small amount and I am doing great!

Beware do not just drink juice or eat just prunes. Not good.
I still maintain 3 moderate meals a day plus running and walking on alternate day basis.

I manage to reduce 1kg...wei!!!!!
Not bad for just from 3 weeks time ...mmmmm... my target is 12kg lost.
I will try my best!

Don't be greedy with your prune juice like me!
I learn from my lesson.... I will now stick to chewing my pitted prunes every night and drink juice in the morning before breakfast.

So healthy...hehehehe I wish!

Currently, my voice is so masculine...sore throat,flue and cough combo.Weekend was suck with this sick feeling....suffering wei!!!!

---- and God is testing me early of the year!!!
I will go through this!!

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