Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dear Diary,

Early this week, I am so blur!
I drove to work Monday morning...when I was at Fraser roundabout suddenly I heard 'BANG!!!' then my car was shaking...then I realise some 'ARSEHOLE' just bang my car!!!
The blur me... can't even notice who bang my butt!!!
I end up driving all the way to work while my mind keep thinking... please please please don't make the damage that bad.
If not ... I have to start thinking to buy another car...isk isk isk... this mean trouble to my bank accounts.
For the person who just bang me and 'cabut lari'...GOD BLESS' you SEVERELY and I totally know and put my 100% faith to my GOD. GOD always fair to me lately.

For this bang... I treat this as my debts payment for my past wrong doings!!!!
Stay positive!!!1
Reached office....duk dak duk dak... try my best to stay calm to have a peep to my car 'ARSE'.... black mark and deep cut here and there and the dent too.
Can't help it...start cursing... WTF!!!
Then quickly repent again... and I told God.... not to punish me by getting others to bang my car or me for this.

I need to move forward and stop thinking about this 'eye sore' scene... so I am telling myself , I will try to bring my baby to see doctor only after CNY.
If go now...people will slaughter me wor!!!!

Dear Diary,

God give me bless.... Thank you!!!

I am flying to Hanoi today..... and will be back to Malaysia on 28th January 2013.
I will be visiting Halong Bay and there and there....hehehehe...

I am off for vacation........

Today, is my conclusion for my Seoul trip post.... so long hor!!!!
What to do so 'malas'!!!

Just to share ... if you go to Seoul don't forget to visit Cafe Maroo... I in love with this Cafe bacause the ambience and also the yummy 'Latte' they sell there....

I frequented this place because of their latte.

Here goes my ' GEDIKSSSSS SELCA' at Cafe Maroo, Seoul...

Seriously I am enjoying my last year of 30 something years old moment now.... because starting next year I am going to be in the group of 40 something..Ajumma!!!!
I am this old???

gosh! that dark circle???

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