Monday, January 21, 2013


I still writing about Seoul!!!
I will conclude this trip by this week.
After my lunch at Hyundai Mall, I went to Chungmuro Station to visit Namsangol Hanok Village.
This place where you can see all those traditional Korea Village.
There are five restored traditional korean houses all together.
All these house is belong to various social class people during Joseon Dynasty.
old type kitchen ...everyone!!!!

bedroom??? study room??/
forget wor!!!!

kitchen chimney??? maybe?


floor keep them warm during winter time!

view from outside

omo!!! love the leaves colour!!!

view from the outside

What ball is this???
When I was a Hyundai Mall, I saw so many people I decided to join the line.
Then one lady join the line behind me and ask what am I lining up for???
I told her I don't know...maybe buying that thing?
She ask me what is that thing?
I told her...I will find out when my line reach the seller...muahahahaha
I end up bought this ball....and eat it at Namsan park!
How does it taste???
Taste like one of those chinese biscuit but with chocolate flavour ...
worth lining up???
Oh well... I feel this is the most 'DUMBDEST' thing I ever did in Seoul! muahahaha

while walking at Namsal Park... I saw this Namsan Tower...

walking towards time capsule

This is Time Capsule commemorating Seoul's 600 year Anniversary that was buried in 1994 and is schedules to be reopened four hundred years later in year 2394.
What is inside this time capsule???
Many things wor!!!
They list it down there there there....lazy to write!

Since my journey to Seoul is not the structured the place I went is like all over the place...muahahaha... sounds like me huh????

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