Thursday, February 14, 2013


Vietnamese cat...they chain this fella like a dog huhuhuh...
My thought at that time....was like...
mmmm... maybe Viet eat almost everything...even dog ,cat and many many other animal...maybe the owner afraid cat wondering around and get caught and end up in another household big pot for 'cat stew' or 'roasted cat'!

very fresh local fruits and meat seller at one of the local village

I didn't go into this palace but was told this is Princess Mia's Palace. She also known as 'Sugar Cane Princess'. Say what????
mmmm.... according to my tour leader...this lady been very helpful to villager here.
she taught them to plant sugar cane and harvest sugar cane and use the sugar cane in their daily use.
That is why she is 'Sugar cane Princess'.
Now you know why many of Viet's dishes grill use sugar cane stick instead of bamboo stick.
I don't know maybe there is another legend for 'Bamboo Prince'.
When Sugar Cane Princess wed Bamboo Prince..... what baby????
Baby Sweet Sugar Cane with Hard Stick Bamboo??? OMO!!!!

Local having lunch by road side at Soy Tay Citadel

My lunch sharing table with auntie and uncle from Taiwan
I hate that thick corn starch soup...pass!!!!

After lunch ...4 of us including our tour leader went for a walk around the Soy Tay Citadel.
Beautiful lake...but they don't really maintain this are properly...mmmmm can't compare this with my beloved beautiful Taiping Lake Garden.

This place was erected in 1822 and wall is surrounded by wide and deep moat.
Each corner of this citadel was armed with cannon.
This Kinh Thien Palace (in photo) is the rest house for the King.
Of course some of this place has been destroyed during war time....

this is where the King went for swimming with his concubines...
what the heck.... 'horny imagination' came to my mind.
aissshhhh...... be saint be saint be saint...angel protect my clean mind from dirty mind....

all those root...wildly grown... beautiful nature!

climb 290 steps....after lunch wor....
Gosh!!! panting...
I never climb our 'Batu Caves' stairs yet....and here I am all the way in Hanoi...climbing the staircase just to see ancient pagoda...

on the way up...left and right can see local houses
and still living with their daily routines...

bamboo jungle

the old ancient can tell this house is freaking ancient by the look of its wall bricks...ancient!!!

after long climb...
what the heck???
Where is the Pagoda???
This is just Temple....
Excuse me.... Pagoda is that high up build with least that is my defination of pagoda...
this is just merely temple...nothing much to see ...unless if I am one of those buddhist but I am enjoy the scenary everyone!!!!

The middle row is known as new generation budha.
The front row in the middle is the future budha or known as laughing budha.

this is not window for you to peep thru...
this is the symbol for circle of life....

viet kid ...he is living up there near so called pagoda

going down....stiff down wor!!!

abondoned house

up there is where all man monk live...
in 1996 govt built new area half way down...just for women monk!!!
Not equal.....hate all this differentiation thingy!

'Lau Co' and 'Lau Cau' these two temples is for those who want to pray for Son and Daughter.
I can't remember which one to which one...
Just google it le... me only know one word in Vietnam....Thank You - Cam On (Gamh Un).
This is similar to budha language for Thank you.
I will write more soon...freaking busy this week and next and next so I only write when I feel upset with my work...muahahahaha...mental distress session!!!

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