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Valued Voice
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Monday, February 18, 2013


My second day in Hanoi still long wor!!!
Coming to end of the second day trip, last place...of course la you joined tour..sure got shopping one.
I hate this the most..
Taiwanese couple who is with my group love this so much....
silk worm

silk worm wine...anyone???

the cocoon...

i thought this is one of the house deco or something ...but this is cocoon...yellow???
I saw white color in Beijing...

daring la this woman...she touch the cocoon and start to pull the thread dare not touch!!
I am scared of this thing!!!

The machine...

silk in the making..

silk garment anyone???
That Taiwan uncle and auntie after shop after shop...
I tired la...
That Taiwan uncle want to find silk jacket and that Taiwan Auntie want one silk leh???
I bought one silk scarf for USD10/-...hehehehe pink color some more...muahahaha me ar trying to be more pink this year!!!!
Ah ! quickly wanna go back hotel to eat dinner....hungry wor!!!

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