Monday, February 4, 2013


Happy Monday everyone!!!
How to start this Monday post,huh?
mmmm... my Lee Min Ho is my current muse and Cindy Crawford is my previous muse.
Last night , Chinggu called and said this to me....
Chinggu : Cindy! you know what???? I look at my previous...I mean photo when I was 24 years ago...huh...I look like Lee Min Ho!
Me : Wei!!! lei siaw ar lei!!!! Min Ho your head!!! How can you make my Lee min Ho look so bad by comparing to you?
Chinggu : Serious!!!! now I wonder when I was at school arrr.... many girls will wait outside the gate at my school there....they are waiting for me!!!!
Me : Duh!!!wake up!!!! wake up from your sweet me the proof you look like Lee Min Ho...24 years ago...I will go after you too....hehehehe
Chinggu : Cannot ar...the photo so blur edi!!!
Me : Ceh!!! confirmed liar!!! My Lee Min Ho cannot be compare to anybody la....
Chinggu : Aiya!!! when your Lee Min Ho grow older ar...he will look like me one!!!!
Aisshhh .... you also..when I know you that time think you are Cindy Crawford,what!!!
Me : No la!!! where got!!! I said I like her only ma...not look like her...I am so brownie!!!
Chinggu : Ceh!!! you even show me you have same mole like her....and all your friend also call you Cindy,what....
Me : No no... my mole at the bottom of my chin ...hers is beside the upper!!!!
Chinggu : Still you call yourself Cindy and me is Lee Min Ho...
Me : Gosh!!!! me so...don't want to bother you anymore...what a comparison is this????
Ok la...good night... you go and dream some more ok...bye...
Chinggu : Bye!!! hhahahaha... I am so Lee Min Ho look when I was young....hehehehehe...and you so regret for not going after me hahaha
Me : RIGHTTTTT!!!!! and I am so wanna throw up!!!! whatever!!! Good night!!! hahaha

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