Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I more attracted to go to City of Dreams rather than Venetian City...weird!!!
I just attracted to the name...from the name..I use my imagination...gosh seriously...I am disappointed with my own imagination...foolish me...
I walked from Venetian City to the City of Dreams...yeah!! with hope its more grand than Venetian City...foolish could it be more grand than the largest casino in the Asia??? haishhhh....
still couldn't find where is city of dreams after long walk... where is this city of dreams...
look at that Golden Dragon!!!!!
The big Dragon is waiting to make you pour out all your hard earned money!!!!
instead of indoor walking...I decided to walk out...then standing there outside the building...
The door man look at me standing like clueless.... then he asked me...
Door man : " Mem! Is there anything I can help you???
Me : Oh! hi...where is City of Dreams???
Door man look puzzled too...ah! could it be ...he don't know where city of dreams too???
Door man : " Mem! this is city of dreams!!! you are... in The City of dreams!!!
Me : huh???? really???? how come it doesn't look like City of Dreams to me???
Door man : Mem! where in City of Dreams you want to visit,exactly???
I am still feel like dreaming...hahaha actually feel very clueless...don't know exactly how to reply him because I don't even know what am I looking dream I guess??? WTH!!!
I need to escape from this embarrassing moment. That Door Man must be dying to laugh at me.
Damn it!!!
I just turn around after said thank you...yeah man...that fella was kekekeke inside...I knew that...I feel that...I need to get out of here fast fast...huh! foolish me...
people said...if you are lost ask people...but huh...this one huh isk isk ...I feel like seriously wanna dig the hole and put my head inside like ostrich!
Damn!!! you so clueless ...Rina!!!
is City of Dream just for this mermaid???
yeah!!! people come to the City of Dream to gamble and shop the designer brand...since i came here for sightseeing ...there is nothing to see...WTH!!! after the long walk!!! goes my Dreamssss!!!!
 sorry photo so still dreaming after my embarrassing moment looking for city of dreams...
owhhh...this is all how the loser feel...when first came the shuttle will drop you right in front of the grand lobby..right upstairs!!!
after ther took all the money....they sent you away from basement...WTH!
Time to cross the bridge again....
Macau Tower!!!
I wish my budget is enought to do that bungee jump...but the price...killing my wallet!!!!
Its a miss for me....huhuhuhu..jump when I turn 40 years old next year!!!
You wait you wait for me Macau Tower!!! I am gonna jump off like a free birdie!!! or Superwoman style???

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