Friday, January 9, 2015


Just like that...year 2014 has come to an end. Here we are a fresh start in the New Year 2015 and wish to try out something new. Even my blog now become white and clean. Yeay! my darkness ERA has pass. I am starting my Year clean possible.What do you think with this new look? Better? Cleaner?

Anyway today I am going to do some babbling on our new 2015 color. Yeay! they said Marsala is the new color for year 2015.

When think about Marsala, we will be thinking about berry shade or red wine delicious looking color. For those who are thinking 'Marsala' is one type of curry dish from 'Mamak / Indian Restaurant, you are not wrong. kekekekeke...keep on your creative mind working and have fun with you imagination. This is all about individual creative visualisation. WTH!

Again when we think about 'Marsala, it can be a dark colors for some of us. However, Marsala is wearable with rose tinted nude to a deep pomegranate shade. I am not sure how are we going to blend that Marsala with more warmer looks but I believe the beauty experts out there will find out how to to do that!

Since I am not an expert to create Marsala look so for this year 2015 as a starter and beginner in make up, I wanna to try out nude face with pink lips and black eye liner rather than Pantone- Marsala....'face palm'. I know...I know..I should at least try it on...but....

I am not a fashionista. Not at all! Totally not going to be one! However, I love to share my latest discovery here.Discovery? Hello!!!! Well

When it come to beauty, the year 2014, we saw a rainbow of hair colors , bleached eye brows , baby bangs and wacky nail art. Oh! not to forget that no make up selfies.

So what do you think will be in trend make up in year 2015?

I don't care how others going to create their look for year 2015 . I was thinking for flawless, even skin and defined eyes. Its all about natural. I wish the trend setter will be thinking about pink in year 2015. least best if we could see lots of bright and super pink lips with nude face. I am not sure either since I am not a fashionista myself. 'Face Palm'! WTH! hehehehe....

Anyway...just enjoy my new look for year 2015.

Check out how I transform from this to that beauty on your right! kekekekeke 'beauty la sangat kan????' I am digging hole to the ground to hide my face now. Gosh! this shame at all!

Get flawless year 2015 look in 3 simple steps.

1. Spread my favourite moist foundation KILL COVER from CLIO on face evenly. Then dab it with loose powder. There you nude face.

2. For eyes - I used the white eyeshadow with greyish glitters instead of gold dash ( coz I don't have gold shimmer at home). Then I enhance with super black Dolly Wink Eye Liner. Don't forget to enhance your beautiful eye lashes with mascara too. But I didn't use any mascara in this make up! So lazy!

2. For lip - I just glide on the Maybelline Electro Pop - Pink Shock. There you pinkish lip without any lipstick on.

3. Enhance my lip with Hotlights Lip Gloss to volume up you sexy lip.

So? For all trendsetter and fashionista what do you think of my nude face with pink lips look? Pretty???? Awesome for the beginner????
There you go the Narcissism syndrome come to live again. kekekeke...'face palm'! ish ish...

I would love to try out 'marsala' make up too but my make up collection don't have such color to blend. Do you think I will look so fierce woman in that make up style? I imagine with my make up skill....I am going to look like horror Princess!

Instead of 'marsala' make up, I will go for 'marsala' when it come to wardrobe collection. Why???? 'Marsala is the color for the year 2015!!!!!
Whatever it is ...I think year 2015 going to be an awesome year for beauty.

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