Friday, May 26, 2017

Unboxing The Goodies : The Butterfly Project brings Color to my Dull Life

I remember my first time stumble upon The Butterfly Project Community when I purchase first beauty box call bag of love. Then just try my luck to click join as community member and sign up for Himalaya event which is opening for registration on that time. So lucky when I got selected. Even came back from Hari Raya Holiday early to attend the event. I was so excited to attend my first beauty event as Caterpillars.  (don't la imagine me went to event wiggle wiggle like caterpillars!!!!)
Then I attended Butterfly Christmas Party. I was like me! me! select me to join the party with Tammy Miss President of The Butterfly Project. Thanks to her who are attentive and don't reject people like me and accept me to be part of her community.

I may not be that active attending event like other bloggers due to my day job but I slowly learn about this blogging industry. All my life before join The Butterfly Project is just work and study for many many years. No personal life at all. Don't even talk about being social with others. I am just a loner. I don't even have a hobby before I join Butterfly Project. Now, blogging is part of my life and this is the hobby that I can express myself well.
If you have been reading my blog, you will find that my style of writing is not a strict or formal one. I more towards expressing whatever comes to my mind and everything through my own words. Don't penalized me on my sucks grammar Reading blog is suppose to be entertaining rather than stressful reading. (my opinion je ni.). Sort of personal diary which I will browse from time to time to recall my prime time. Youth! Its going to fade soon....

Happy 4th Birthday The Butterfly Project! 

This is the 4th year and I wish this community grow larger and stay on, even until Miss President ,Tammy's hair turn silver. ngeeeeeee...don't strangle me reading this statement ,ya Tammy! Hope she didn't read this.  Aihhhh!!! too many butterflies...I am sure she will miss my blog. kekekeke

Gosh! can't imagine all the beauty blogger in Butterfly is actually a group of Hot Grandmamas and Grand Aunties . kakakakaka.. I think too far is it ?

When I got to know The Butterfly is organizing 4th Birthday party, I was like worried unable to join. I was travelling to Kaohsiung for many days at that time. Every now and then check the FB for registration opening. Then worried ...did I miss it out! Oh no...but can't ask anybody..afraid people think I am too much. Gedikkksss!!!! who is she? Why so keen? Never see her before? Not so active beauty blogger also. My own perception again.

The moment registration open , I was like yeayyy!!! registered! Now I can travel in peace and sleep tightly. WTH! The peacefulness not there yet for me. I feel nervous whether they will invite me. Everyday check email from Tammy. Is she going to include this 'kici meow'? WTH! 
What kind of life am I leading ? Aduhaii!!!!  But this is me in real.

After the invitation then I worried about what to wear. The theme color is pastel. I was like..WTH! when I open my wardrobe room. All Grim Reaper's dress code! All Black like the NZ football team and few of Navy Blue. Now got to buy new clothes.  At the end bought one blouse from East India. There you go... me donning with my first ever pastel color blouse in my life. WTH!

Despite my nervousness and anxiety, I manage to attend this beautiful and meaningful event and try my best to mingle. Which I still having problems....haihhhh...

When first walk into the party room...I was like..Whoa!!! so much effort and thoughts to put this thing together. Not to forget the attendance full of uncontrollable hot ladies!!!! WTH!

This board kind of not expected at all. Smart fella who came out with this idea.

Oh! the photo booth for today's event sponsored by G and G Studiobooth. I was skeptical when first saw this booth. I was contemplating to myself. Can I go pose in front of this camera? Introvert side of me is killing me! Then keep thinking...when else can I do this? I may not have this kind of chance after this. WTH! But afraid people laugh at me too. Lucky I manage to pull myself together. The next thing I know...was in the queue and then...have so much fun playing around the props and pose.

Then time to mingle with other bloggers, briefing by Dee Leonard. I know some of them like me say I know Lee Min Ho. WTH! 
Everybody is having so much fun. Love to see all this smiling faces. I feel good can bring my girl side of me out here and be part of this eventful birthday bash!

The briefing and introduction by all blogger also very funny.  I visited most of their blogs and finally get to know the real blog owner here.

The goodies bag is awesome. It feels like Christmas comes super duper early this year. I was like...whoaaaaa!!!! mine..mine..mine...

These are content of from the generous sponsor. WTH! Can't wait to try out and writes about my experience using this items.

Thank you Tammy , Miss President of The Butterfly Project for being very passionate about what you are doing and include me to be part of your awesome beauty bloggers community. I really wish to hear great news from you soon. What I mean is...Wedding Bells! Ding Dong Ding Dong. (beaming eyes!)

Thank you to The Butterfly Project pixies too. You guys are super awesome and sporting. Thank you to Miera who remember me from Horien event. Sorry for mispronounce your blog name. WTH! I have hard time get over my mistake after return from that event.

Thank you to generous goodies bag sponsor (click the link for my product reviews):

* Wanderlust Thing - Unicorn Face/ Eye Make Up Brush set
* W.Lab - Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming
* Orkid Cosmetic - Liquid Lipsticks
* 1028 - Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara
* Photobook Malaysia - FREE Voucher for The Simple Book 6x6 Hardcover 20pgs and 50x4R prints (I will review this next August because I am waiting to print out my family vacation photo end of July 2017 :) )
* G and G Studiobooth - Photoprints

You are awesome!

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