Saturday, May 16, 2020

[Travelogue Guilin, China] From Longji to Guilin City

It was my last day at Ping'an Village, Longsheng. I woke up with a really good sunny day weather unlike the day before. Anyway, still feeling so blessed to be able to enjoy such view and environment.

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My usual morning breakfast here during this chilling weather is a bowl of hot vegetable noodles soup and a sunny top fried egg. I ordered a freshly local brewed mountain coffee to go with it. Perfect morning start!

I requested the owner to arrange a car to Guilin City that day. In my previous post, I did mention that this place has no car access at all. A 30 minutes walk through the small alley and local housing is required. Yes! I have to climb the steep hill to come up here and now thinking about going downhill which is really hurting my knee. Urgggghhhh!!! I feel like summon a genie or transporter to bring me down. But again...that's all fantasy and the reality is....walk down with your own feet! isk isk

I estimated a one-hour slow walk with my leg condition. I did mention in my previous post, I slip down and hurt my knee and waist badly the day before. It has been swollen since then. Morning walk down view is kind of wonderful despite the pain.

The local old folk is selling the farm vegetables and other souvenirs. I walked through the opposite side from where I came from the other day. Most houses here are well preserved and some are over 100 years old are built in wood. The oldest one is 250 years old which I don't get to visit.

These are local handmade product. They did the weaving and painting.

My walked down pass by the first rice terraces ever in Ping'an village. It was built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368). I pass by the old bridge and the walk down journey was less than 45 minutes to the car park. The driver recognizes me right away. Guess I was the only one foreigner and maybe the lady at the Guest House described me very well. hehehe... He is unable to speak English at all but really kind and helpful.

I reached Guilin city after around 3 hours journey. The driver has a problem with finding my hotel. The location was behind another building and in a small alley. The alley is clean and good walking street too. He dropped me right in front of McD which is on the main road. I then use GPS and map to find the hotel. I was so excited to see the surrounding of this place. More walking to my leg drop again? Ish ish wonder I end up in the hospital after came back from this surgery! hahaha

Where to stay at Guilin City?

The Wing Hotel Guilin
Address: No. 34, Yiren Road, Xiufeng, Guilin

I booked without any breakfast. But they provide free flow hot coffee and hot 'loh hon ka' tea though.
The location of this hotel is in the centre of a happening food and shopping district. Its also a walking distance to Sun and Moon Pagodas.

Everything kind of walking distance here. I was smiling from ears to ears with this place. Super convenient! I will write more on where to visit in Guilin City in my next post.

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