Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reason for not exercise

During fasting month , I want to loose weight but I am lazy to exercise...
Here are my reason :

Before sunrise - I wake up at 4am every morning just to eat .

I have not enough time in the morning because after eating need to get ready to beat the traffic jam to reach office on time.

I need to starve myself until the sunset. In between this time I can't exercise because I have not enough energy and can't drink too.

After sunset - by the time I eat 7:30pm. I need at least 1 1/2 hours to enjoy my meal after whole day starving.
By the tme I finish eating is 9:00pm.
Health expert said we can only exercise at least 2 hours after meal.

After 2 hours will be 11:00pm and here goes my bed time.

I need to sleep before 12:00 midnight :
* I am a Princess and to be exact Princess Cindyrina (close to Cinderella right??? hahaha) Princess need to sleep before clock stike 12:00 or she loose all her beauty...kekekeke
* Health expert said during this hours all cell renewal process will start and this is important for middle age woman like me hahahaha

With all my reason mentioned, although my appertite not so well no way I could loose weight in healthy way.

Do you think I made up all this reason???
Its true!

Don't believe me/
Try and let me know or write to me your suggestion on how to adjust my life .... currently Princess at lost :(((

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