Monday, December 24, 2012


I came back from Seoul a month ago and still struggling to upload photos and stories of my journey to Seoul.
I am busy!
Busy means least I still have work to do and earn for my living.
....trying to see this as positive!
I discover this Tteok Museum by accident...I was walking back to hotel  in late evening after Palaces exploration since morning.....
This place loacated near Jongno 3-ga Station , Exit 6 and my hotel is near Exit 3. Not far leh....
Tteok or in english we call this as Rice cake is symbolic and oldest food of Korea since 2,000 years ago going back to the Three Kingdom's Period. If you are a fan of Korean Drama , remember FAITH star Lee Min Ho???
Back then they don't call Korea but old name is Goryeo.
I learned , there are 4 basic methods of preparation this Tteok.
* Boiled Tteok
* Steamed Tteok
* Pounded Tteok
* Fried Tteok
I get to taste this Tteok here and also I even bought some from Hyundai Mall.
Some taste sweet some just nice....but frankly speaking, I am not fan of Tteok.
I just love to buy and look at this Tteok!
Oh! well I love to see colorful thing...not necessary I have to eat them....muahahaha...another psycho statement from me....

Giant Steamed Tteok display outside.
Steamy hot you know...
Passers by will stop and touch this Gian Tteok...curiosity!!!! duh!

Nice yellow huh

sweet pink huh?

pretty color huh?

I am hungry and wanna give a try...
so I sat down and order some Tteok...
This is my first try...

look like mochi and taste like mochi too...
I like that dusty Tteok


I like this stir fried to order Tteok...
I go vegetarian Tteok.
Fried with capsicum, onion,jujube and other herbs...serious it taste refreshing.

order pot of tea...I can't remember what tea but one kind of herbs tea leaf.
It came with hot water flask for refill...not bad huh!

This is the view outside...
I was enjoying my Tteok with hot herbs tea at this chilling weather in Seoul!!!!
Lovely evening!
Great experience in Seoul!

You will find this two couple inviting you to take photo with them outside the sweet!

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