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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A walk to remember

Like many others...
I have memories to remember my younger time.
The smells of refreshing 'old trees'....
Calming green lake....
Peaceful view of tree branches bowing down to the water...
What a lovely scene....
I just love this beautiful nature...
I want to remember this forever....

For old time memory sake....hhehehehe ...WTH!!!!

Oh Gosh!!!!! ridiculous scene...trying to do the surfing pose...WTH!!!!
I guess my photographer almost rolling to the ground trying to capture me...WTH!!!

'Chatime' at Taiping Lake Garden

This is nothing got to do with lake garden but trying my best to be a obedient daughter...
By eating this 'roti telur' for breakfast????
Waking up early morning... and that morning happen to be raining day...
The feeling to force yourself to get out of warm comfortable blanket...Gosh!!!!
For my parent sake....
End up volunteering to drive them to morning market....early wet morning ...WTH!!!!
Wet road...WTH!!!!
Listening to my parent 'cute' arguing...
One 'semi deaf' and the other 'semi forgetful'...Aigoooooo!!!!!!
Trying my best to be a good and fair peaceful maker for both...WTH!!!!
I am caught in between...
'roti telur'....I dutifully ate you...because I am entertaining my old parent for breakfast...aigooooo!!!!
there goes my diet plan.... aigoooooooo!!!!
Why am I writing this kind of post????
I am actually sad right now!
Why my post doesn't sounded like sad???
Omo... I am just entertaining myself...aigoooooooooo.......WTH!!!!

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