Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Wake up in the morning.
Getting ready and try to look pretty and presentable...cheewwwaaahhh!!!
Chingu came to pick me up and off we go to my interview venue.
Started the journey with full of positive energy.

One and half hours drive after went through don't know how many ripped off tolls by this license pirate.....feeling hungry...wanna pee too.WTH!

Weather was so freaking hot..and I am wearing vampire all black dress with black stockings and black heels too.WTH!
Am I going for interview or black tie party???
I wear that with perception black can look slimmer...that is the ultimate motive...
It could be much easier to use federal highway to reach that place.
Both unitedly decide to use that NKVE and bla bla bla highway where all those big transformer trucks used.
Me keep saying...damn!!! How am I suppose to come to this place again when the road is not register to my mind. WTH!
Finally reached the of course with the impatient mood and Chingu is holding temper because he is more cool than this volcano Ajuma.

Still have time for breakfast.
Chingu choose Subway which I wish I could have a bite!
Damn! the tooth of waiting to be crowned and another one still not done anything yet and is killing painful!
I end up eat porridge.
Damn! I need to eat porridge and mash potatoes until 21 May ???? Owwwwwhhh!!! what a life I have here.

I went in for interview and as usual need to fill up the form...I took 30 minutes to complete it.
Haisshhhh!!! the most hated! Well...I am no choice!
Get interviewed by a German MD!
He clearly said he is control freak! 
Afraid to fly and snake! WTH!
How on earth you get here from Germany???
I guess reaching here took him a lot of effort..huh???
He also emphasis on sports! 
A big fan of Soccer too and whoever join the company the woman need to join netball club and man soccer club.
Me netball???? isk isk isk..IMA wanna cry on the spot!
The last I played netball when I was 12 years old.
I am always at that monkey WD position.Which I hated the most.
I still have gut asking him do they have badminton club???? kekekeke WTH!
Lucky they have that....OK at least I am still safe to have that club if I join their company.
Worst come to worst I could use my more creative brain like create one Kpop Dance Club??? kekekeke far huh my ambition..just interview not even get the job yet!
Yeah! can't escape this standard question...why you still single at this age?
So I just give simple and weird answer..... working too much I totally forgotten about it! kekekeke.. that Guai Lo jaw drop...kekekek..I saw his totally in space! hehehehe gotcha!
The interview last for almost one and half hours. OMO!
Chingu commented...whoa!!! so chonghei one ar????
muahahaha....need to get to know each other ma...of course need time one!

Achieve one task for the Chingu need to find Maybank to bank in one cheque and get thing delivered to his company by the same day.
WTH! Lucky he has this smart woman beside him.
I found him Maybank using WAZE...muahahahaha like that also can be proud huh?
Done with that...
Chingu need to see his office lot which he has not visited for years and the tenant ran away without paying the rent and water bills for years...haisshhhhh!!! how you manage thing chingu?
Sell it off if this is not manageable?
Best when there without even knowing the exact unit no. just know the tenant company's name.
Lucky this smart and pro active woman save his day again.
We found it...get photo done.
contacted the building management , set appointment to break in the unit next time visit with proof of ownership and contact the agent to sell it off.
I sound so smart weiiiii today!

Thought of going to MV for Spiderman...kekekeke playing hooky for the day both of us.
But...haishhhhh!!!! no parking at all.
Damn! what all this people doing at this hours on need to work ar???
Look who is talking??? hehehehe...
We both end up drive out and find place near my house for our late lunch at 4:30pm.

Then off to collect his car park agreement on the way sending me back home.

Reached home almost 5:30pm. Gosh!!!!! This is like working day hor!!!!

For job...pray hard to get a new one I could have wind of change.
I am so damn fed up with the current one!
I can grow old faster if I still stay there....yes yes I need to at least thankful to have job right???
I am thankful but I pray to make my life more meaningful and give me new challenge.
Why??? Why want trouble?
I don't pray for trouble...challenge doesn't mean trouble..what I mean positive challenge which make me more excited to live this life!

Another end of where people live is the place I went today is the place I never been before and never thought that place is so beautiful!

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