Tuesday, September 30, 2014


If you are fond of using social media and you are like most of the time in it....then it is wiser to monetize you freaking passion. There are many ways to monetize your passion...however, please be careful there are many scam as well. So..chose wisely!

Since my google adsense was blocked and the earnings got ripped off just before I can even withdraw my first earnings...I feel so upset about this until now and since then I've been trying to find ways for my blog to be more prosper with some interesting ads.

One of my blogger friend introduce me to 8share. 

8share is a private rewards club of Malaysian social media users who can earn cash for sharing link of advertisers campaigns to friends. It can be links of videos, movie trailers, contest, events and promos.


Well..... anyone can join 8Share if you are residing on the followings countries: Malaysia, India, Philipines,Singapore and Indonesia. If you reside outside mentioned countries...then please find other alternative.
You can register your  8share for FREE using this link.


1. Register with 8share here.

2. Choose and share specials that you and you friends are interested in.

3. Think outside the box and be creative to invite more UV (Unique Visitors) click on the link.

4. You can share your link using multiple social media platforms - Twitter , Email , Blog and many more.


You can use my way of sharing too.

If you see my blog page, there is a sticky post of text ad on my SPONSOR link. 
Try to click on it and you will find out what I mean by sharing link for 8share.
I update 8share link frequently since 8share are very fast with their campaign..so you need to keep up with them. 

My cute little bird on your right is my ChurpChurp ad campaign link. You can click on that too and see what I mean about sharing the links. Sometimes I will rotate between ChurpChurp and 8share.

Oh! this take up so much of your time to earn???
Hello! my friends!!!!!!!! you on social media like 9am - 12 midnight....this is just a by the way efforts!
Guess what???
Its paid off well...My first cash out is on the way to me now and I just sign up with 8share just like 2 weeks ago. Don't ask me how much la...you how much and my how much level might be different...to you may be to small but to me..this can be a big amount. Try to sign up and you judge yourself. Especially if you have huge network of friends in your list.

I know bloggers student who really earn a lot from 8Share!

Sharing is caring!!!

So bloggers and Social Media addict!!!! What are you waiting for??? I exposed my secret earnings cash online....so in return you can give a token of appreciation by signing up with 8share through my referral link here so you could earn your share too!

Thank you my dear friends!


* 8Share accounts will be automatically deactivated when user have not logger into their account for more than 6 months consecutively. 

*  When you accounts is deactivated...jeng jeng...the wallet will be reset to 0. Oh! that is so sad....isk isk isk.

* However, after a year of observation the duration of 6 months will be changed to 3 months.

So please stay active when you decide to join 8Share!!!!

Let us make money online and top up our traveling funds together!!!!! If you love traveling all over the world like me....earnings and saving from your day job solely will not be enough...well at least for a middle income like me. I need this kind of funds to top up to my hobbies!!!! 

Monday, September 29, 2014


Last Friday night, while I am trying to sleep....It was a long day for me. So I am really freaking tired that night. Trying to sleep well....then...

One SMS came through at 11:47pm.

At first I don't feel like want to even look at it. 
However...since I am one fella who can't let go thing easily.
I have a quick look with one eyes open.

" StanChart:Purchase of USD89.90 from card ending XXXX on 26/9/2014 at 11:29PM. Available credit XXXXX. Visit sc.com.my"

My both eyes wide open...WTH!!!!
OMO! OMO! Which ghost is digging into my purse and have a happy shopping free online with my credit card????


What should I do???

What if another USD1k pop out???
I think I would faint!!!!

OK..relaxxxx...don't panic!

My last transaction using this card was on the same day afternoon to reload my starbuck card.

I dig out my purse and took out my credit card for bank phone number. Calmly explained to the Customer Service. The girl name Ayu attended to my panic attack!
She then calmly told me calmly that she checked the transaction then verify to me that I am not the one who make the purchase.
I then confirmed to her I was on my bed when the sms came through on the the purchase amount USD89.90.

She confirmed to me she had blocked my card for any further transaction. Then told me the replacement card will be sent to me within 5 working days.

She told me if within 3 working days the transaction does not post into my statement then ....NO Problem for me.

However, if the transaction appear into my card statement then I need to fill up the dispute form.

The dispute process will take within 60 working days for investigation. During the period I don't have to pay for that amount. However , if they investigation is not on my side then I need to pay for it le....

Pray hard!!!!! that transaction does not appear in my card statement.

I really don't want to go through the dispute process...so troublesome!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Finally I found something to reduce my inheritance panda eyes problem!!!!
Yeah...been using many products to achieve at least 50% visible results for my dark circle problem..isk isk isk ...born panda eyes...imagine baby eyes like panda...thats me...when I was a baby....What nonsense????  hahahaha

IMA took more than 2 months to review because IMA cannot do the review after one day use this item right!!!!IMA also try to have good sleep at night too for better result.

Before purchasing this item, IMA read a review from others and many said not working and such a waste and bla bla bla bla bla...

IMA decided not to get so much influence from these reviews. Different people different preferrence...and that is their reviews...so what????

Dare myself to invest some cash and treat myself well...WTH!!!!

Talika is eye care specialist since year 1948. This brand has created ,eye detox contour gel and eye detox purifying capsules just to help treatment under eye-puffiness and dark circles.

This product is rich in peptides, proteins of sweet lupine, sweet almonds and extract of horse chestnut.

This eye gel also is complete effective treatment against dark circles and puffy eye bags.

I love this pen like tube and its really convenient for traveler like me!

All you need open up the cover then squeeze the bottom part and wallahhhh....

The light blue gel like that come out!!!!
IMA like it because it is in gel form...IMA hate eye cream because cream is too rich and always generate oil seed around eyes after using it for quite sometimes.

With this Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel..IMA no need to worry for oil seed.

You don't need to use it too much ...just a small dap will do...Hello!!!! this fella thingy not so cheap one ar!!!!
It cost around RM235 at Sephora!!! WTH!!!!

Normally , people apply eye gel or cream on circular motion.IMA was taught by Coco the Beauty Trainer at Melvita to use 2 fingers like this and massage slowly to the side. This helps to reduce the crow feet and fine lines too!

If you want maximum benefit use daily together with Eye Detox Purifying capsules...AH!!! this one also already rip off my wallet....nayyyyy....I try this one first la...unless got some sponsor..kekekeke

There you gooooooo.... not that bad puffiness and more fresh look right??? right????

Have a good weekend ahead everybody!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Pei Ling Chingu suggested this place Wondermama@Avenue K for our dinner.

Both of us surf online to find out about menu and details about this restaurant.
Apparently they started this restaurant at Bangsar Village and it was a hit back then.

Avenue K branch is pretty much the new outlet.

I totally love the deco. Its a mixture of culture incorporate together.

Pei Ling Chingu who waited patiently for her dinner. 
Try to act cute yeeeeeeee????

My selfie....trying to act cute too..WTH!

Chingu's choice - Nasi Lemak with Fried Salmon cube.

I was contemplating between Nasi Lemak or Spagetti Aglia Olio...but horrrr...for me ...if you serve nasi lemak...then that will be my first choice leeeeee...so crazy over nasi lemak!!!!
My choice is Nasi Lemak with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab.
The rice could be more softer and the sweet and spicy sambal with petai is delicious!

Most of food is combination of Malaysian with Japanese or Korea or Indonesia.

Even the Spagetti Aglia Olio cook with Malaysian taste and serve with Deep Fried Chicken.

Overall...I love the food combination.

Chingu and me struggle to finish each plate of those nasi lemak. Expensive weiiiii!!!!
RM23.90 each but worth it lor with very nice environment and so on!

Chingu cool down herself with Mango Smoothie.

As usual me don't order drink because I know I am not able to swallow any drink after food.
Just my habit!

Chingu finishing her Nasi Lemak with full of happiness and sadness...


Today is our final meal and dinner together and we promise each other to meet and contact again next year.


Me wanna start new leaf with new environment and people said life start at 40 years old right???
So I am leaving behind everything in the 30s.

Chingu gave me this goodies bag full of love!!!!

We will meet again next year dear!!!

I wish you all the best and happiness!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This is a very quick recipe and suitable for busy woman who wants nutritious and less calories snack or meal.

Ingredients :

* Grape tomatoes
* Green Apple
* Chilly oil sardines (you can replace with tuna chunks. I choose sardines because sardines has more benefits than tuna)
* Lemon juice

Benefit :

 - energy, protein, lipid or fat, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc.
- as for vitamin includes thiamin,riboflavin, niacin,vitamin B6,folate, vitamin B12, A, D, E ad vitamin K.

Green Apple
- lots of fiber which helps clean thew systems and increases metabolism.
- contains mineral such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium
- Rich in vitamins A,B,C

Grape Tomatoes
- Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium
- Vitamin C and anti oxidants

- strong antibacterial, antiviral, immune-boosting powers and mostly use as weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive and liver cleanser.
- Contains citric acid, magnesium, Vitamin C, bioflayonoid, pectin and limonene which promote immunity and help fight infection.

Green apple, lemon, grape tomatoes image credit to google search

Cut grape tomatoes into half and green apple peel and slices it with slicer, then throw all in salad bowl like that.

Add in sardines and lemon juice. 
Since its for one person serving I added only one sardines fish.
Mixed all together and chill it into freezer for 5 minutes.

You can serve it as snack or if you want to make it into full meal such as lunch or dinner...
Can serve with quinoa or brown rice.

There you go simple healthy meal for busy woman. So easy and no cooking required!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Recently, I have sometimes to spend for my blog.
Blogging is not just about writing.
There are certain technical things which you can along the way while you blogging and to improve your space.
I just learn how to increase traffic to blog.
You know those spam emails came in and said they can increase  traffic to your blog with certain fees. No need to pay anybody just spend 10 minutes of you time and start submit your blog link to below FREE sites. Link submission not only could improve your traffic but also to increase google page rank.

Tips :

* use your secondary email address during submission since this FREE Submission normally will use our email address for promotion and so on. Hey! people also want to earn right???
* Don't forget to confirm the email send to you after link submission.

So far the free listing and not so complicated sites is below...others all wanna me to fork out my wallet. mmmmmm...forget it le...I just did this for fun!

1. Exact Seek

2. So Much

3. All Free Things

4. Zepti.net

5. Bing.com

6. google.com

If you have done link submission before and want to share with me the link please add in the link to comment box. Sharing is caring! opppssss!!!! I mean FREE LINK and not so complicated one.

IMA fingers are too precious to type and scroll the mouse for long.

Monday, September 22, 2014


I visited Beijing on September 2011.
It was interesting journey since I wonder to the foreign country without learning any of their mother tongue language. The reason I chose Beijing because of I wanted to full fill my long time dreams...I want to explore Forbidden City and Great Wall of China.

I visited both and Forbidden City just a 10 minutes walk from my Hotel and I love the feelings of walking by the river and enjoying beautiful scene of Willow tree dancing to the wind...owhhh!!!! and also peeping on the imperial guard practicing martial art at Forbidden City.Those Imperial Guard...whoa me with their martial art skills! Their Body Build are to die for by most man! WTH!
Snap out Rina! kekekekeke...'hamsap thinking' for a moment.

Food is like heaven for people who really can eat and also know what is their orders!
To me is like gambling by pointing my fingers to those words that I don't even know what am I pointing at! If lazy to gamble just point to the next table dish and give sign that I want to order the same. Seriously, its fun to surprise yourself with food serve to the table! The not fun is if the food turn out sucks or a bit too much to finish it just by myself and everybody give me that look...like wow one rich girl...ordered so much and 'tapau' back because she can't finish the food!

My adventures with Beijing food begins with.....

First night in Beijing, since I was staying very damn near to Wanfujing Street , the famous street food in Beijing...well just like 10 minutes walking from my Hotel. I tried Uyghurs food. Uyghur people is from Western China and mostly run Chinese Muslim food.

Since there is no English words and photo...I just use my pointing game.
Seriously my pointing game is quite bizarre!
Reason I am not that kind to point to just one item in the menu.
You see that result on the photo.
That was the result for my first night dinner in Beijing!
It turn out mostly lamb meat.....otteoke!!!!
Of course...the greedy woman end up with too much left overs! 
After this trip I really learn my lesson and try not to be greedy woman in the next trip!

Top left : Noodles aka Lamian with shredded veggies and special sauce.

Bottom Left : Meat soup...which I can differentiate whether its lamb or beef. All I know the soup is damn smelly with animal smells. isk isk isk

Top Right : Stripe of lamb intestines...oh WTH!!!! Seriously, for not so meaty person this one...really can't swallow not even a single stripes of this fella. Apparently this is faomus Beijing Muslim food called Bao Du. Stipe of sheep or cattle. They boiled it with water and dip it with sesame sauce and before I start my journey to Beijing I read this is their famous snack and everybody seems to love it! Oh really??? Not my taste then.

Bottom Right : Grilled lamb taste quite nice since it was grilled with lots of spices! But i can't finish since its too much!

ish ish ish ...Rina ya!!!!! What a waste???? I still not repent after the first night gambling!

This is my second day lunch adventure.
I still use my pointing game and I thought it come with small portion of dessert.
Who knows...it turn out to be 2 plate of fried rice and 3 desserts.
WTH! The woman who never learn the lesson.
Seriously, I already received my punishment when I back here after the trip!

Left :Sticky rice with sweet fillings (Ai Wo Wo)I like this one though not that sweet for me to eat and the taste quite special.This was once a court snack in Yuan Dynasty. Sticky rice is first steam , pounded into pulp, shaped into a ball and then filled with sesame and white sugar , pea flour, jujube paste then spread over with rice flour. Frosty look, taste smooth and the fillings is fruity sweet....mmmmm yummy!!!! This one I ordered use my internet print out....telling AI WO WO!!! AI WO WO!!! to the waiter and waitress and pointed to the photo from my print out! hahahaha success!!! I got my AI WO WO...

1st Right : Century Egg and Lamb fried rice. This one very delicious and full of spices.
2nd Right : I called it the bland fried rice with egg. So tasteless!
3rd Right : Famous muslim snack called Rolling Donkey (Lu Da Gun) -this cake made of steamed glutinous millet or sticky rice, scattered with bean flour and filled with red pea. They cut into blocks and rolled in soya bean flour. When roll it in soya bean flour it looks like a donkey rolling on the ground , raising dusts.so this is how the cake got its name..... taste??? I like it!!!!
Same with this one...I go 'LU DA GUN!!!' LU DA GUN'!!!! to the waiter and waitress and success!!!! I was served with my 'LU DA GUN'!!!! Syiok wor!!!
Right Bottom : Sesame seed bun with can't remember the filling in eat.I 'tapau' back to hotel most of this food and eat it for tea time and dinner.

This food nice and good choice but too much for lone ranger traveler like me!

 Almost every night I visited crowder Wangfujing street and just look see look see the bizzare and weird food they are  selling. Really interesting for me. Totally first timer when it came to all this weird food.

Since I every night also pass through the street most of the street seller kind of recognised me since I am so different look from them. To me most people I met in Beijing is pleasant people! Gosh... when they shouted...
'Lady!!! where you from?????'
Me will replied them back enthusiatically....Singapore!!!!
sometimes ..just shouted back Malaysia!!!!
Then they will go SIN GA POREEEEE!!!!
Me just walk and hehehehehehe 'NI HOU????"
 ....shy lorrrrrr...too many people!!!

Beijing is my 2nd time in China. I visited Shanghai and Hanzhou but not free and easy like this. That one was under Company and with my other office mate. So don't have chance to explore like this trip! I kind of love free and easy trip because I am not that kind who like structured thing. I love this kind of adventures!

Look at that poor dead creatures!!!
You dare????
There are some photo of the snake too....but I unable to retrieve my old photo due to some system breakdown to my external drive.

So all of you the 'siput babi' also can eat wor!!!!
They make curry with it.
They also sells Baby Shark Curry!
Oh my God!!!!
They eat whatever on earth!!!!

Those clams and crabs really look tempting but since this people mix it with other food...I feel I can't even want to swallow it! So don't try le...

Top Left :I tried Beijing Corn...it so sticky to my teeth and to me I love the sweetness of our Cameron Highlands corn better!

Top Right : Spicy Lamian which I used pointing game to the next table. End up they served me this super duper burning spicy lamian...lamian is at the bottom and it was served in extreme big bowl. Oh myyyyyyyy..... This one I dont do the extreme food order but it came with one damn big bowl of lamian...and this enough make me...like garfield with butt stuck on the chair.

Bottom Left : Mixed rice which I ate at Niu Jie Street...WTH! not my taste bud lor!!!

Bottom Right : Sweet potato cube with flour and fried. Aissshhh! damn cold and not nice!!!

I am not that sweet tooth kind of person.
Since I feel so frustrated with my extreme pointing finger and surprise me with food which don't really suit my taste bud.
I entertain myself with this sweet fruits candy and pumpkin stick dessert.

One thing I love about Beijing is the peaches and apples. I bought this fresh deliver from orchard...of course that Beijing Uncle don't give slaughtered price. I give him sweet smile and I get to buy peach with RM1.50 each. Damn big and sweet and juicy and delicious and fresh  and crunchy and bla bla bla! Gosh! I bought back few of them.

When I board plane back to Malaysia..I never feel so happy like this...Malaysian food at last!
Even the plane food taste this awesome!!!!!

When I recalled back my adventure and experience....ah!!!! priceless!!!!
I love it and still love it!

Friday, September 19, 2014



Love gives you....

* Happiness
* Joy
* Flutters
* Courage

Love also gives you....

* Pain
* Blame
* Hurt
* Sadness
* Despair
* Misery

Love also gives you strength to overcome those pain,blame,hurt.sadness,despair and misery.

Do you know when you in love.... life will be more subtle?

When you in love....

* You feel good
* You learn to be patient
* You be more considerate

Put away your selfishness....make more friends and be love all!

IMA still unable to take away that selfishness ....haissshhhh!!!!

Have a good loving weekend all!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Recently, Chingu's Dad had a 'Brain Stroke' and he pass away peacefully on Tuesday morning 16th September 2014 , Malaysia day. R.I.P! He is at old age.

So everybody thinks...ahhhh! he is old and this is old age sickness and time to go?

Well the fact is about old age sickness and so on...when time to go...its doesn't discriminate in term of age, race, gender , wealth and so on. Times to go means...you need to go without any turning back chance!

Same goes with strokes or maybe other sickness. Often strokes occur unexpectedly in the lives of people who consider themselves as 'mint and perfectly healthy'! Many disbelief when this happen!

I have one friend who died at age of 38 years old. He has a good build and fit. He exercise regularly and eat healthily. At least this is how I see his lifestyle. He died because of stroke while playing tennis. Most of our friends really feel like cannot accept this news. Among all of our circle he is consider top when come to health. Moreover, he is freaking 38 years old!

Stroke totally comes as a shock and lie an unforgiving, attach on health and well being. It also change the lives of a stroke survivor and loved ones forever. 


Do you think you are at low risk to get stroke???
Do you?

Look back to your lifestyle and do some assessment!

There is some risk factors that have been proven to increase the chances of having stroke in you.

Controllable Risk Factors :

1. Diabetes
2. High Blood Pressure / Hypertension
3. Stress
4. Atrial Fibrillation - common symptoms : Heart palpitations, sudden pounding, fluttering or racing sensation in the chest and dizziness or feeling light headed.
5. Circulation Problems
6. Smokers or any related tobacco users
7. Alcoholic
8. Obesity
9. Atherosclerosis - this is a silent disease and can only be detected by doctor so regular check up is good for you. This is the progressive buildup of plaque like fatty deposits and other cells in artery walls which clog arteries and block the flow of blood to the brain or other parts of the body.
10. No active physically - exercise is very important all!

Uncontrollable Risk Factors :

1. Age
3. Gender
4. Family History
5. Previous Stroke
6. Fibromuscular Dysplasia - medical disorder which some of the arteries carry blood throughout the body do not develop as they should be and fibrous tissue grows in the wall of the arteries which cause them narrow. This lead to stroke because blood flow through arteries decreases.
7. Hole in the Heart

We unable to do anything on the uncontrollable risk for stroke but we can do something for the controllable risk factors.

While we can......let us live healthily my dear friends!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Oh gosh!  I 've been blogging for almost 6 years now.
Crazy to just think about this!
Many things about me exposed to the wide world. Ah! no more privacy???
So like celebrity feels..owhhhhhh!!!!
Why I start blogging??
You can read it here.

What is blogging?
Blogging is writing and thinking.
Writing and thinking is good therapy for your well being.
I don't know about others but to me writing and thinking make me feel a lot better if I have a bad day or sad about certain things in life.

Since my blog mainly on personal genre so its a mixture of all about my encounter in life. I just write about my daily thoughts and sometimes being crazy and wacky about stuff. I try not to be so emo on my blog. Yeah! certain things you gotta keep it for yourself isn't??? WTH!

Of course sometimes I feel tempting and wanna bitch and rant about my Boss and that fella and this fella...but I don't feel good to do such things. It end up stack up in my head and heart! Ah!so hurt....isk isk isk isk. My head now full of craps and heart become black coz all toxin cannot release out! kekekekeke.....I survive until now though!WTH!
Not everything in life need to be exposed...right?
Certain things in life need to live and die with us! 

For those who don't understand why people blog....let me tell your five reasons to blog.

1. Blogging is fun and entertaining
Mine is more personal blog so it falls under entertainment and fun. Do you sometimes laugh or feel entertaining when reads some of my post? If you do.....then my blog is entertaining...ngihihihihih

2. Blogging can increase your networking and exposure
Some people start a blog to expand their networking and opportunities with professional peers. They can establish their expertise and extend their online reach and broader audiences through blog.

3. Blogging to improve your writing skills
Many people start blogging to writes and share their opinion as citizen journalists. They share their opinion on many things happening around them. Many this type of blog gain great interest by audience. Reason their opinion are genuine and honest. 

4. Blogging for Business
Business blogs are very popular nowadays. No matter non profit organisation or profitable one...blogs are awesome tools to kick of social media sharing and word-of-mouth marketing. That is why these days, bloggers are a must to add in below line marketing plan for brand and product launch!

5. Blogging is Education
I love to read others blog. I learn many things from tips and some specific topic. I learn how to protect my blog to disable right click contents. You think I am a know how person? Nope! I learn many things from reading others content. It doesn't matter what topic the blogger writes...some may think its rubbish or nonsense....but some may find it education and learn many things out of your craps.

What is so good and bad about blogging? Well at least to me...and I don't know about any of you.


* I get to meet some awesome friends through blogging
* I can learn many things through reading other people blog 
* Therapy when I have a bad day
* I can recall my previous daily encounter and experience by browsing back to my previous entry. If blogspot.com suddenly disappear...oh gosh! I can imagine what will happen...please don't!!!!!
* Can  monetise out of it ,if you are smart enough....hehehe me less smart so not making much money out of this blog.

* If you write about too much personal stuff or sensitive stuff...you may get some bad and negative comments.
* Some people think its too much an effort to write every single day...time consuming? I manage this since I normally writes all entry and schedule the publish in my desire time and date. I could write 3 - 5 post during weekend and publish it daily. So writing does not interrupt my daily life but its passion during weekend.
* Some people tends to be a lil bit show off in their blog. To me its personal preference. If you don't like to read then skip the blog. No point leaving negative comments and hurt others.

Overall , blogging its good for you to share your thoughts and meet more friends who share the same passion and learn from each other.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Being left handed or lefty means there are a lot of little everyday inconveniences throughout my childhood until I am at my age now.

I read lefties are normally is in the gene. Too bad...I am the only 'ugly duckling' in my family! The one and only lefties! I have one 'mole' on my lefthand. I can only recognise the left and right using this mole. Yeah! I am that woman who still unable to tell the left and right without my 'mole'. Gosh! that bad ar this woman? Ya lor! isk isk isk

When I was cute adorable little girl....I received countless spanking to my wrist by the elders who was trying hard to force me change from being a lefty. Bad Omen! WTH! So tortures!!!!....I wish I grow up very fast at point of time and give them a hard spank too! How dare???....hehehehe...Anyway, the stubborn me never give up and determine to be a lefty forever!!!! muahahaha... the fact is...IMA tried my best but unable to change the lefties fact in me.isk isk isk...

Remember those days, feel very weird why others can use the scissor and knife easily and I am until now still struggle to use one. Thank God nowadays they invented the scissor for lefty like me. Whenever I joined a 'ping pong' or badminton club, I would be the one without anybody to play with. I guess they unable to accept my 'good' skill..eheh! Many commented they got confuse because I am lefties and don't know how to play with me. huhuhuhuh one lonely girl grow up playing ping pong and badminton by herself. I always got 'alienated' by my schoolmate for being lefty. No joke! I hate school so much  and really dying to grow up faster!

During one of the class IMA still remember we are using the fountain pen to do the cursive writing, IMA don't understand why others writing turn out so beautiful but IMA got the most ugly one. Ah! its because that pen meant for the right hand not left hand. The ink smudged all over my hand and paper too and the writing always turn out ...haishhhhhh... don't even want to recall how it look like back then. Now when I grow up and old enough to understand....Oh! I got scolded from the teacher for nothing wei!!!! Not my fault wor...thats the pen fault! Even until now...my hand will be dirty with ink whenever I start to write. isk isk isk

Not only the pen...even the vegetable peeler seems not cooperating at all isk isk isk

Now that I am an adult, I have problem when being seated during dinner time at table with others. My elbow will end up playing kung fu with the person next to me. WTH ! People will stare at me if I pick the spoon from my left hand. I used to be concerned about all this...but now...nahhhhhhh....I care less about all this. Stare at me??? huh!!!! I will throw back my laser beam eyes to you......ngeng ngen ngeng...  Don't play play ar!!!

Now that getting ageing, I realise my left hand has been very tired a lot due to hard work. I try to work up my right hand instead...well at least that fella has been resting for quite sometimes and its time to work...but still cannot do. My left hand are more comfortable to use. haiissshhhh.... poor my left hand. IMA so love my left hand and yet nowadays feel overworked.

Perception  about the lefties people....

1. Lefties are intelligent and creative

2. Able to learn foreign language better and quicker

3.  visual memory is more developed

4. more flexible and capable of switching over hand for performing tasks easily

5. Quick thinking when playing games or sport and consider a better player

6. often exhibit fighting nature

Goshhhh....is that so??? Ah! why IMA feel so lacking here????
Why??? Which part of all above are applicable to me???? Tell me??? malhae? malhaejur!!!!!
I end my rant with HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY ALL!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Once upon a time in a far away land, live three brothers with their elder parent. The three brothers always plan to go for a trip together back to their ancestral land which is far away in Huangshan , China. However, they are very worried to leave their parent because of the sick father. As much as the parent are getting older and weaker....so does the brothers.
They are ageing too and they may have no strength to even travel that far.

After long discussion among them they agreed to materialise their plan to climb the top of Huangshan mountain.

The brothers happily exploring Hongchun Village and Tunxi Ancient Street, eating the local dishes and mingle around with the local.

Then spent 6 hours climbing up the Huangshan Mountain to witness the magnificent view with own eyes.

On the second night on top of Huangshan Mountain, they received bad news ...the father is seriously ill and currently on the hospital bed due to Brain Stroke! The brothers quickly head down from the mountain and start their long journey back to see the sick father.

Whatever it is Chinggu....from bottom of my heart, I pray nothing serious happen to your Dad and I wish him get well soon. Don't be so sad ya.... Chinggu! Jia yor!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I really love any food with fish.
Fish head noodle is one...I can't really give a miss.
So fishy huh????
Old Asia specialty is Fish Head and Fish Paste noodles. The Restaurant location is in One Utama same row with Sakae Sushi and McD.

I want to add more XO Sauce...with Chingu...I need to 'guai guai'. WTH!
Restraining myself not to eat more chillies so I don't become too HOT! Chingu said I can't eat hot food because every time I did...I transform into 'angry bird' mode! hahahaha

Enjoying my Fish Head Noodles... and of course for this one I refuse to share with anybody. Its mine mine and mine!!!!!

After finish my bowl of Fish Head Noodles...I am telling Chingu..I am still hungry..which Chingu keep reminding me that I am on strict diet because I want to lose 10 pounds. I keep convincing Chingu...today is exceptional case...because its weekend!

.... plus let me just cheat for one day!
Chingu trying to rationalize to me...I am cheating to myself and not anybody else!
True also hor!!!

Anyway...I told chingu close one eyes and let me go ahead to cheat on myself..WTH!!!!

Have a good long weekend ahead....this weekend is my family time.
Chingu are currently exploring Huangsan,China....happy ar that fella....fully paid trip by his  Brothers!
So lucky hor!

psssstttt! I have a hair cut yesterday ....and its....jeng jeng damn short wei!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I started my blog when I was so stress up with my work and studies. At that time was my peak period. Juggling with high demand Boss and getting use of becoming a student after 10 years never study.WTH!
I need a space to rant badly or I will go complete PHD (Permanent Head Damage).

My initial blog name singlewomanstory.blogspot.com started on March 2009 and later on change it to princesscindyrina.blogspot.com.
Why I change the name?
Lol! Single woman sounds like I am desperate looking for man...huhuhuhu...don't want to be sounded that way. I change it to Princess Cindyrina because to me I am a Princess in my own way! Oh well I am a Princess to my parent! They are my King and Queen.

I basically, treat my blog as my online diary and then when I started to travel abroad...I end up writes more about it too.

Many think being a blogger can get passive income and then enjoy by the beach or sitting at Starbuck or Coffee Bean enjoying coffee and surfing on the net or whatsoever!

Aiyooohhh!!! where got such thing as so easy life one....even if your Dad inherit you with lots of cash also you will find your life ain't easy breazy!

Some thought can earn passive income through Google Adsense, Nuffnang or any other advertising networks and affiliates.

Well.... if you have many traffic to your blog...it is not possible to earn cash but not enough to pay for your Starbuck Coffee small size!

Forget about relaxing by the beach or sitting under the pyramid and see money coming in automatically to your accounts....DREAMS ON!!!

Google Adsense aka GA recently....banned me with reason 'suspicious illegal traffic'. Yeah! they suspect me purchase my traffic. Oh! what nonsense...I won't pay a dime to increase my traffic. People just happens to visit me because I am one FAMOUS AMOUS BLOGGER!!!! muahahahahahahaha
One psycho statement from me.WTH!
I would want to do the appeal again but really donno how to proof to them on the illegal traffic. How to proof if I don't have illegal traffic. By the way ...what is illegal traffic activities? I don't click on my own ad? mmmm...unless I really did it and don't realise it. mmmm can't remember that...How???

I joined Nuffnang with hope to receive some Advertorial from them...I love doing reviews but if there is some payment comes with my effort...mmmm...why not?
The first and the last advertorial I received from Nuffnang was Mamee Chef. That one also because the advertiser want to do mass reviews!
Since my blog traffic is damn low....hello???? since year 2009 to now...mine only at about 158k page views. This well said...I basically talking to myself and no audience!lol
Nuffnang do have Click Per View Ad...you could see the banner in my blog here on top and at the side. As you see....so miserable and pathetic...most of the time no ad to view! They put up their company ad which are meaningless to us blogger.
Why like that one???
Advertiser don't choose blog like mine. They prefer redmummy, fourfeetnine and many other Superstar bloggers who has millions of 'kaypohchee' viewing their blog and commenting to their blog to leverage on their super duper high traffic.WTH! Me just a 'kici meow meow'.

Me have opportunity attending event because I recently joined Butterfly Project community and met some people there and if they have some product launching and so on...they will extend some invite to me. Normally, blogger don't get paid to attend event or product launching. Of course some advertiser are good enough to pay token fees to blogger for their efforts...but most of the time they just give freebies and some refreshment during the event and launching. Cheap way to advertise their product..I guess!!! Some even have face to just throw in sample of other expiring products to blogger. Oh well...you pay peanut you get monkey le....so since this is your effort to the blogger than don't expect us to do a good shout out to your product then! Of course many generous one gives aways full sized and really treat bloggers with respect! It is all about WOM (Word of Mouth). To me all this just like when my free time and to spice up my life!

Only recently...I feel like I can really breathe from my work!
I have been working like 'donkey' and suddenly this year I feel so so so so tired!

Suddenly at this age...I fee like don't want to work anymore and sit quietly at home.
At this point of age...regret for not using up my youthful and seduce one chaebol...if not I will be enjoying my life like a rich lady after getting a divorce from my playboy chaebol husband. WTH!
Damn! I made the wrong turn....

What I learn ????

1. Keep my day job and blog is just a hobby. If got some cash earned out of it...just a top up to my traveling funds and go 'joli katak' online shopping! kekekeke

2. Networking is important so you can get some opportunities out of it! Ah!!! as usual I am suck at this area! So...no hope!

3. Good contents is important! SEO SEO.

4. Good contents with no traffic???? Useless!

5. You need to be outstanding to gain interest to others. Promote yourself! I know one Singaporean who blog mainly about her plastic surgery experience and so on...and now she is famous! Me? Aissshshsh....how could you expect me blog about plastic surgery???

 When....I am already this adorable??? Awhhhh!!! I don't need plastic surgey
What nonsense!!! This is natural adorable face! RRRRRRIGHTTTTT????
ngeeeehihihihihihihihi...another 'syiok sendiri' statement.

Hello! another 2 years don't expect me to publish this kind of picture of me like this anymore....people who read may throw up blood see my wrinkles saggy face trying to act cute...hahahahaha
Other method maybe to become sex blogger like Alvivi???
 Aissshhhh!!! what nonsense when they basically will end up behind bar and fork out more cash to pay the bail and fine.WTH! Do you want this kind of life? Famous for the wrong reason??? Peace life for me please....

Or may be get engage to a celebrity then that celebrity ditch me with some other hot celebrity! Then I blog about my heart broken?

Well...to me blogging just like writing online diary and I really enjoy when I can just browse back to my previous post. Especially my traveling experience....and while reading it...I will keep praising myself...I achieved this with my own hard earned cash!

When I stop updating my blog....that is when I leave this world...the next generation who stumble upon my blog and read my experience....ah!!!! I feel like I am one of those name in the history world!

I created my own trail on this earth using this blog!

Achievement and at least I am not the forgotten one on this earth!

Monday, September 8, 2014


September 3, 2014 ,KST 1:20, Ladies' Code the all girls group's van ran into a protective wall in the vicinity  of Singal Junction on the Yeongdong Expressway toward Incheon direction. The group was after finishing up their schedule in Daegu and on the way back to their Dorm when the car back wheel came off during the rainy day and the car ended up spinning several times before hitting the guard rail One member died on the same day and the other members were rushed to hospital.

Fatal accident and this is how bad the vehicle after the accident

Ladies' Code Members :

1. Lee So Jung (Sojung) Main Vocalist DOB 3rd Sept 1993
2. Choi Bit Na (Ashley) Second Vocalist and Leader of the Group DOB 9 Nov 1991
3. Go Eun Bi (EunB) Sub Vocalist DOB 23 Nov 1992
4. Kwon Ri Se (RiSe) Sub Vocalist DOB 16 Aug 1991
5. Kim Joo Mi (Zuny) Sub Vocalist DOB 8 Dec 1994

First Debut in 2013 with Album Hate You and Pretty Pretty
2014 released So Wonderful, Kiss Kiss 

 EunB tragically passed away on 3rd Sept 2014

EunB last wish is to make their song I'm Fine Thank You rank no.1.
Yes her wish comes true...after her death...thanks to all loyal fan of Ladies Code.

 RiSE had been in coma for several days and her surgery had to be stopped because of her falling blood pressure. She was announced dead on 7th Sep 2014 at 10:10am at age 23 years old.
RIP to RiSe

Apparently RiSe obtained a big head injury to her head and was moved to hospital.

EunB,RiSe and Sojung was ejected from the car because both hadn't been wearing seat belts.
Sojung is recovering and get to know the fate of her other 2 members and still in trauma. So does other remaining member of the group. 
My hearts go out to EunB's and RiSe's family and wish all the rest of Ladies' Code members to recover from the trauma.

They are so young but yet the time given on this earth too short.
To us who are still living on earth....live your life to the fullest and appreciate what you have and people around you. You never know...when your times up!


Moral of the story....check your car before start your journey, fasten your seat belt and travel safe!

However....its all FATE WRITTEN FROM ABOVE!


I received this 30ml CLIV Revitalizing C I2 PL Corrector Ampoule when attended MUSE by WATSON Beauty Regime workshop.

Decided to try it and been using it for a week after my Melvita brightening serum finished. My verdict for CLIV Ampoule....mmmm..not bad! Its non greasy and fast absorb to my skin. It doesn't have a fragrance smells or whatsoever.

CLIV Revitalizing C I2PL Corrector Ampoule , Made in South Korea -

This brightening ampoule helps to recover the vitality of skin. You know our skin could be effected by being under the skin too long or exposed to air conditioning or our body toxic released!

What is the different between ampoule  and serum?

Serum - generally are thicker than essence, contains higher concentration of ingredients with a specific purpose for your skin.

Ampoule - normally contains the lightest texture and it penetrate into the skin faster.Ampoule provided the fastest results within a short period of time.

Let me continue on what CLIV Revitalizing C I2PL Corrector Ampoule can do...
This concentrated formula care helps for those who want to have brighter look after skin got darker because of internal and external surrounding factors . It also helps to boost up the elasticity of skin.

Ingredients :
This intensive brightening ampoule contains Tomato Callus Culture extracts for dulls and lifeless skin.

This my 'syiok sendiri' advertisement! WTH!

I like this product too much.... Lucky they gave me full size for this one! So I can enjoy this longer..... so cheapskate ar me??? lol...this is good product to enjoy ma!!!!
If you interested to get this ampoule for your lifeless skin....drop by at MUSE by WATSON at Sunway Pyramid. If I am not mistaken the price around RM200/- 30ml.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Remember those days after school this used to be my lunch.
Mum was out to work only leave me money to settle my own lunch. 
If I so 'jelak' with all these...I would fried my own 'yellow noodles' or cook instant noodles.
Those days...when I was a growing up teenager, I would 'tapau' 'assam laksa', 'ice kacang aka ABC' and 'fruit rojak' for my lunch and tea time....and I gotten all these with only RM1.50.

Look at how the inflation effect to our daily life??? Now it cost you freaking RM30.50 for all these...huh????

Hey!!! Like what Chingu told me make sense too...
You wanna eat...better eat now!
You never know whether your earn money could compete with this inflation...and you will never even get to smell all these food. isk isk isk ...Life is getting so competitive!!!! Our earns money is getting smaller each day!!!

Teochew Chendol is serving food I miss when I grow up!
When I found this place at Sunway Pyramid...I really don't even wanna give a miss!!!!
Who knows when else I can come to eat????
hehehehe... like I live oversea huh?
I love the atmosphere in this place..just like in the Chinese Kopitiam feel.
The place always pack with people!
I thing many miss childhood food like me too.

If foreigners who comes to Malaysia...these are the must try food in Malaysia.

Assam Laksa
 Rice noodles in Sour Fishy Tangy gravy served with Cucumber, Onion, Chillies and Salad 

Ice Kacang aka ABC
Shaved ice serves with lots of condiments like red beans , ground nuts,attap chee, sago, sweet corns, grass jellies and top with brown and red syrup, coconut milk or evaporated milk.

Fruit Rojak
Mixed fruits - pineapples, young mango,cucumber, sengkuang, young papaya served with sweet sauce and sprinkle of ground nuts

Teochew Chendol
The Chendol is the green color 'worms look', red beans served with shaved ice and coconut and palm sugar syrup

Teochew Kuang Jiang aka fried turnip rolls

Seriously...I love this Kuang Jiang.
I can finished all those by myself...and here I am talking about going on diet forever!!!! isk isk isk ...me and the fried food is like Tomorrow Never Die!!!!!
Chingu said this is normal food for him and get anywhere.
Yeah yeah this is your community food...me the city woman who don't frequent wet market or Chinese Kopitiam...this food???? Something special!!!!
I love Kuan Jiang! I love Kuan Jiang!!!
I told Chingu I want another plate of this and its all...MINE! MINE! (with greedy face)

Oh damn!!! my crow feet getting overly visible...oh!!! i should stop smiling!

Do you want to walk down to memory lane of growing up all times food????

Visit Teochew Chendol outlet.
You can locate their outlet and get more info at their official facebook page here,