Sunday, March 10, 2019

Living Life Healthily with Power Walking

I recently trying my best to stay healthy. After looking at the mirror and see the muffin top of mine look like overdosed of baking powder. uhuhuhuh...
Plus my waist down kind of super hurt these days. Gosh! I guess am getting heavier each day. Since I have been adapting eating healthily for 5 days a week...mmmm..why not to combine this with some healthy exercise. I admit that my perseverance to exercise is super low. I keep delaying almost every day. Oh! shall I just confess I did exercise through my mind? Procrastination! kekekeke...

Recently, I read about power walking for 30 minutes a day can help with better health. So last Sunday, owh! yesterday I started to do this power walking. I lasted for one hour on the treadmill yesterday. Whoa!!!!... I amazed with my own performance.

I don't expect to lose weight since I already don't put too much hope on losing weight after many years trying but just hope I can at least stay healthy to continue this routine.

What is Power Walking?

Just like your imagination, power walking is the act of walking at an increased pace. The point of power walking is to keep your heart rate elevated while keeping your joints safe. Power walking is a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular endurance and total body strength.

How to do Power Walking?

1. Warm up with some casual walk for 5 minutes for a low-impact option.

2. Stretch your muscles to prevent injury. Just do a simple stretching will do to prevent injury.

3. Place your arms in a 90 degrees angle and keep your back upright.

4. Position your head upright and keep looking forward. 

5. Open your mouth slightly and keep breathing

6. Tighten your abdomen

7. Keep on your walking stride with alternate arms and leg forward and maintain your straight line walking. 

What is the benefit of Power Walking?

Since power walking uses both upper and lower body strength, this result for better body core endurance and improved body condition. Apart from that, I read this could help in stress relief too. 

My goal starting from yesterday is to do at least 30 minutes of power walking. Let us do this together for better health. Walking is so much easier! While losing weight is not even my objective but I if I could lose some kilos by power walking...why not? Its a bonus for me!

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