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Seoul - Foodies

I will slowly update my journey to Seoul last 2 weeks.
All photos need to be resize to suit this blogger.com size.
So hate!!!!
Can't you increase it for me for free????? huh huh...
OK...check out my feast during my journey to Seoul.

My bless plane food.
I was given seafood meal..special request!
Even my late night snack came with smoke salmon salad ..OMO!!!

This squid meal set is totally bless.
My first time communicating with Ajumma....
I went to one restaurant..they just open because early in the morning.
I saw they have photos and words in English.
I then decided to try their spicy squid meal but don't know how to tell in Korean.
I walked in to the restaurant.
They greeted me ...Annyeong ha saeyo!!!!
Me reply the same and smile....
One Ajumma at kimbap counter.
Rolling rolling rolling...yeah..that kimbab look like sushi.
One Ajumma serving me...
She gave me the menu..
I go...OMO! all in korean...no photo no picture...how am I going to point out my squid????
I look at her with a smile ...then scratch my not itchy head!
Headache!!! then I got one idea.
Me : Ajumma!!! na...(my hand pointing at myself) Korean an daeo (I am think this mean Korean cannot)
Ajumma : oooooooo.....(then show me the menu)
Me : Ajumma... lai lai (I quickly went out from the restaurant and gesture her to follow me out. Best part I mixed mandarin to my language...WTH)
Ajumma understood and follow me out.
There I pointed out to the photo display on the banner...then she said ok and nodded her head.
Inside the shop I still need to ensure to her no pork in my meal.
So I go,......
Me : Ajumma!!!! Dweji ...annaeyo! (with my both hand show the big 'X' sign)
Me : Haemul!!!! mmmm...ne ne (with thumbs up)
What I am trying say here...no pork but seafood ok!!!!
Muahahahahaha.... with big laughter the ajumma seems to understand me.
They are nice and treat me with Tteuk (their rice cake for snacking after meal)
Whoa!!! me sweating eat my first korean meal...which I odered !!!

This grilled fish with spicy soft tofu seafood soup meal...not so difficult to order.
Just pointed out to the menu and they have English menu...

This is 'HORROR' for the year!
It was late for dinner and its raining day.
I was so tired.
Walk walk walk walk the whole day...
But I am hungry.
Saw the octopus picture outside the restaurant.
Ordered by pointed out the photo again...
They served me the banchan(all those little plates of pickles and vegies you saw on all my meals photos)
Then they heat up the stove in front of me.
They put one plate full of vegies season with chilli flakes.
They put one covered container at the side.
I don't bother what is in that container.
My mind keep wondering ....I thought I ordered octopus...where is it???
This is fried vegies only.
Then ...aaarrrr... one ajumma came....
open the mystery container lid.
To my horror.... the live octopus is inside that container!!!!
That Ajumma... lifted up the octopus high and grab a scissor...that octopus was alive....bloody hell!!!!!
That ajumma....without any mercy....start torturing the octopus slowly....cutting that poor fella onto the hot plate of veggies...
OMMMMMAAAAA!!!!!!! me scream in silence.... Ottoke??? (how can???)
You can see the live octopus feet trying to run again...wiggle wiggle woggle on that hot plate.
What kind of meal did I just ordered????
Can I reject thisssss??????
I looked away and waited patiently for the horror and torturous moment pass.
My heart keep praying for the soul of that poor octopus.
I ate all...but hurriedly walk to my hotel room and flush all down to toilet bowl.
Octopus dishes ??????
I against all cruelty.... if I follow my heart...I always wanted to be a vegetarian.
But my body too weak to eat just that.
So for now....I go less meat
This meal I label as Horror Meal!!!

This one ...quite easy because just pointed out from the menu.
After finish eating then only I realise I just ate PUFFER FISH.
I thought it just a fish!!!!
But to my amaze I just ate that puffer fish...you know that bloated with thorn fish.
Cute and adorable round fish
Thats why la...
Since I use pointed techniques when I order so.......nobody to blame but me.
fish is still fish ...I should at least find out what kind of fish...
my mistake...damage have been done...what an experience.
Like fish lo.... no big deal lo...just a fish lo.... hahahaha thats the comment...

I was very pleased with this simple vegetarian bibimbap I ate during my DMZ tour.
Food was delicious!
Kimchi is superb!!!!
I love this one!

I love this one too.
One of my favourite.
Cabbage kimchi
Radish kimchi
Handmade noodles with clam soup
Green Union Leaf Pajeon (pancake)
The dipping sauce was superb!!!!

This one another pointing finger meal.
I just pointed to the table next to me and I get this squid meal.
This one was so good!
Taste like our Sotong sambal here in Malaysia.

My final night dinner in Seoul.
I went for good treat for myself.
The banchan was superb generous and all so super delicious.
Driect pollock soup
If not salty can add that preserved shrimp (look like our cencaluk here but without that smelly smell)
Add the rice inside the soup and eat it like that (in the photo)
Then have some seafood pajeon....
It was raining heavily outside...my hot meal...really give me a happy night!!!!
Totally love this final dinner in Seoul.
I will be back Seoul!
Next I will update on my street food and snack in Seoul...so keep visiting me...K!
Tips for those who are travelling to other country which don't really speak English.
Just be yourself and do a lot of smiling when inquiring something from them. Be humble!!!!
They will help you.
Ohhhhhh... me bring with me lots of Aego!!!! to melt their heart!!!! muahahahaha

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