Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seoul - Street Snacks

So here come some of the photos , I manage to re size.
So hate hate to do this re size job.
Many more snacks photos but I am singing lazy this is what we get.....

This is not really a street snack but I love this traditional corn bread which I bought from one of the bakery near to place I stay.

I found this snacks while walking towards Cheonggyecheon Stream which is located about 10 minutes walk from place I stay.
It soft and have that red bean paste filling.
I like!!!!

This one selling by the same Ajjumma ...look like a flat bread. Well...something like that ..this one hollow in the inside with caramel filling. Taste??? OK la... I am not fan of sweet thing.

I ate this fish bread everyday...everyday...
I like... I bought this from one and only Ajjumma...because her fish bread nice ..the red bean filling not that sweet like others.

I saw this hotdogs...but can't try this one because this is meat.

I saw this Jaws Food ..this stall is selling 'Odeng' the famous fish stick that Goo Jun Pyo aka Lee Min Ho ate in Boys Over Flower!
I didn't try this but I tried their Takoyaki though...
Their Takoyaki is sticky...full of flour..not like the Japanese lots of cabbage.

This potatoes and Fish cakes stick...I got it near Namiseon Island ferry terminal.
Serious ...that potatoes ar.... very 'syiok' and delicious to eat.Especially in cold weather like this.
Damn it...I finished it all...
That fish cake stick...spicy and oily.
I like the spicy part but the oily one...mmmmmmmm like oil is free.

This squid vendor was like near the place I stay.
I tried the squid...serious...hard munch and munch and munch until teeth also wanna fall out.
So the next day I just bought their crispy squid crackers, which I love it so much!
Ajjumma also know me very well because I am her loyal customer...she always gave me free free chestnut and more crackers...Saranghae Ajjumma!!!!

On top is another sweet pancake with red bean filling...too sweet though.
Below is my semi crushed crispy squid crackers...yummy!

While towards visiting palaces one morning...I saw this steamed bun...ours here ' PAU' la.
Didn't try this one because got meat inside.

All this photos are their street food.
Price the same.
Product also same.
Ajjumma and Ajjussi different..muahahaha...

Uwaaaaa.... suddenly saw long line of people waiting to buy this cakes.
Aissshhhh... me don't want to miss it.... not my style ok...but I changed for the sake of exploring the Seoul...
Can't beat them..join them...
I also join them ...wait and wait and get this fried cake...cheeeehhhh.... taste like fried doughnut with sweet peanut only.
Love this candy...not that sweet but just hard for my second hand tooth like me....muahahaha... try to act cute and adorable biting this candy and enjoying the nightlife at Myeong Dong!!!!
Next post will the adorable squirrel I met at Namiseon.
'Squirrel Nami Style'!
Serious...cute...but see la... if I am not lazy to resize the photo...muahahahaha...

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